Learning through life experiences

learning through life experiences

Learning through life experiences itself is the best way to learn, since, otherwise, it would not be our learning, but that of those who lived the experience. Only through the experiences, accepting errors and failures, we can draw our own conclusions to move forward.

Learning is to advance and grow, without anything or anyone stopping us, avoiding difficulties and obstacles, reflecting on failures and overcoming them. To live is to experience, and this is part of our human essence, and of our instinct of curiosity.

Learning through life experiences

learning through life experiences

We could say that life is a way of learning, and therefore, the only way to overcome it is by living. We will never be learning through life experiences of others, despite their advice, insistence and educational guidance.

The human being is a mammal born more devoid of strategies of autonomy and independence. It is true that at birth we depend on adults to survive, although it is also true that instinctively and impulsively we seek to have our own experiences to learn, and therefore, to grow.

“Experience is something you do not get until right after you need it”
-Sir Laurence Olivier-

The child taking his first steps in the field

Significant learning and learning by discovery. Learning by discovery is that which is developed by discovering the world by oneself and always based on one’s own experience. On the other hand, meaningful learning is that which is acquired based on the knowledge already acquired, since the new takes on meaning and meaning when related to the knowledge we already have.

For this, to learn, we have to explore, discover, fail and hit. That is, on many occasions, we will learn by trial and error until we find the path to success. From very young we learn more from our own experiences than from adult advice.

Because by living our own experience, we internalize it in a meaningful and profound way. Thus, although this will take us more time and effort, without any doubt, we will keep it for the rest of our lives since most of these learnings will remain in our memory accompanied by their respective emotional imprint.

“A thorn of experience is worth more than a forest of warnings”
-James Russell Lowell-

I have the right to be wrong

learning through life experiences

It is important to accept that, without any doubt, we will be wrong, we will fail and we will err, however, it is the only way to advance and get where we propose. We have the right to make mistakes because we are not perfect, and this is not a failure, but part of the learning of life.

If we want to learn, evolve and improve ourselves, without a doubt, we will fail. However, getting up and moving forward makes us stronger, braver and wiser. It gives us a collection of reasons to be proud.

“An experience is never a failure, it always comes to prove something”
-Thomas Alva Edison-

Learning path

learning through life experiences

If we want to go further and venture through some of the paths that life presents us, it is necessary to make decisions and value the results. Sometimes, they will be successful and in others, however, we will have been wrong and, despite that, the best way is always the experience and the learning with which we stay. If we do not walk, we are blocked and we do not evolve.

Blaming ourselves for having failed is not accepting our human condition and losing the opportunity to continue learning and advancing. We could say that the more we make mistakes, the more we are living.

“Life is learning, when you stop learning, you die”

Posters of arrows in two directions

learning through life experiences

To fulfill years is to collect experiences and learned experiences. Otherwise, the years would be empty, and we could say that the beeches have gone through us but we will not have squeezed everything they could have given us.

The years that are happening are a great opportunity to have more and more aware of what we want and how to get it, for that, in addition to accumulating years, we will accumulate learning experiences, some with errors and others with successes.

Although it hurts to fall, getting up strengthens us

Learning, then, is to strengthen ourselves after failures, get up after falling and recover even when wrong makes us hurt. Life is growth, a way to go and therefore, a strengthening. Thus, the best way to achieve this is by living different and multiple own experiences, without fear of the result, with a view to growing, move forward and move forward.

It is inevitable to fall and we do it from small when we want to learn to walk, to ride a bicycle, to skate, etc … It is inevitable to fail when we want to move forward, get our projects, go further or change something that does not make us happy. However, learning through life experiences are wonderful and discover our abilities.

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