What if you are on the waiting list for your choice of universities?


Be on waiting list for college you were hoping to join can be worse than a refusal to file, it gives you can be false hope! If a university gives you an overview of your chances of passing the admission to waiting list, evaluate whether it is worth taking the risk to wait, and see what your other options.

But being on the waiting list does not mean being passive, there are several ways to increase its chances of being accepted when you are on the waiting list.

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The advice to improve your chances when you are on the waiting list

Ask your college rank in the waiting list, if you are at the beginning or the end, to what place stopped admissions last year …

Write a letter to the office of university admissions. In the Anglo-Saxon world as in other countries the motivation is an important factor for success. Send a letter to the office of university admissions, showing your determination to return to this school. If you managed new projects in connection with your studies, talk!

Send your year-end notes. The notes of the second half of the year or the last two quarters are rarely considered in sending the file because enrollment deadlines are often at Mid-January see February in some countries. If you have during the waiting list layout decision notes the following periods, and they value you and show some progress, feel free to send them, you could be top of the list wait.

Keep a backup plan. If you are accepted into another college, do not wait the last moment to answer them, you may lose your place, and have no more to university next year. If you have applied to a university, you can accept and then cancel your place thereafter, pending the foreign university’s response.

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