If you do not respect your schedule revisions …

schedule revisions

This article is for those who do not manage their time, to respect their schedule (they have spent hours designing!) Or who no longer find meaning in what they do!

I noticed that many students establish time revisions jobs they do not hold. They spend time thinking about it, to do it, but in the end, these schedules are often unrealistic, perfectionist and rather boring …

Here is a method that I’ve tested and approved!

schedule revisions
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This is run by objectives.

It’s pretty simple, on documents (download at the bottom of the article) you can dissect your objectives for the year, month, week or day! Own pace. The easiest way for me is to start with goals by week.

If we take the example of a student who needs to revise its partial during a holiday week …

  1. Prioritizing objectives from most important to less urgent
  2. Establish a reasonable and achievable number
  3. The write and dissect step by step stages of the implementation eg. a memory.
  4. Do not set the day or hours!
  5. What is important is that tasks are performed in the week
  6. The reward ! Very important! At the end of the week, once the objectives achieved reward yourself!


  • You will be more stimulated and less anchored in a routine.
  • You give meaning to your work. Especially for the 1st year, often bored in class.
  • You will be in a dynamic approach!

If you have other methods to organize you, feel free to share them in the comments!

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