Exam anxiety tips: How to control the nerves before an exam?

How to control the nerves before an exam?

As a student, your only objective should not be to acquire knowledge, but also to save exams or all the evaluations that you present yourself with. In this note, we give you exam anxiety tips so that you try to avoid nerves and do not allow them to affect your exam performance.

Effective exam anxiety tips

You give the time. Even if you stay blank, try writing even if it’s something. This will stimulate you to find the answer to the question. Make notes. Read the instructions carefully. Answer the easy questions first. Organize your answers.


Exam anxiety tips

Include sports in your daily routine

Exercising several days, a week can be a very interesting way to release tension, attenuate nerves and also anxiety levels. Among the most recommended options is running or swimming. All sports are accepted. The important thing is that you spend at least 30 minutes twice a week exclusively to do this activity.

Take coffee

Although coffee and other products with caffeine keep you awake for many hours. It is not recommended that you consume them the day before the exam to keep you awake for many hours. It is not advisable to take them the day before an exam. The problem is that after a while you will have a rebound effect, which will cause you to feel tired and unable to concentrate.

Good nutrition equals good memorization

More than once he will have told you that there are foods that can help you perform better on an exam, but what are they? Vegetables, soy, nuts and brewer’s yeast can cause an improvement in your ability to memorize knowledge.

In addition, you cannot forget to prepare a breakfast based on fruits and vegetables, which in turn have a food with a little sugar. Attending the evaluation on an empty stomach is very unwise.

Exam anxiety tips

Try natural remedies

The unknown as such is unattractive and more if we are faced with a situation in which we are going to be evaluated. However, in this case, do not waste anything with trying to take some natural remedies, which will not only calm you but will make you leave your nerves aside. Among the most used are medicinal plants, such as Valerian, passionflower or linden are.

Exam anxiety tips

Just relax

Relaxation techniques, such as yoga, will allow you to relax both physically and mentally. In case you do not have time, you can do the exercises at home. How? Sitting on the floor with your back straight, closing your eyes and inhaling air through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Repeat this several times and you will see that you will feel much calmer.

Do not get saturated

Perfection does not exist and the day before the exam is not the ideal day to try to learn a large amount of information. Take the opportunity to review, but not until late at night.

Sleep 7 hours minimum

Sleeping well the night before the exam is essential. Therefore, try to go to bed early and keep all kinds of distraction from your sight.

Take a test from previous years

Although the answers to the exams are never the same, a previous examination of the same subject can at least give you an idea of the format of the questions and of the topics that teachers believe are relevant.

We hope, you enjoy reading our exam anxiety tipsAll tips are proven and effective.

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