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Do you have to be really tidy and attentive to the start of the school year this year, and above all to give the house exercises well? The resolutions at the beginning of the school year are often almost as successful as the resolutions at the beginning of the New Year. These ten apps, however, make it easier for you to stick to the good resolutions. Good start to the new school year.

Haft App

Who needs homework book again? The Haft app not only helps you to coordinate your homework, but also to record your timetable, the exam date, and your grades.

Practical timetable

The “Practical Timetable” app is only dedicated to the timetable, but it is very precise and helps you not only in the question of which subject is still pending but also in the search for the particular room since you can also store the room numbers.apps school

The table

Who does not know it? Most of them do not want to drag the heavy form collection into the classroom every day. The table work is often at home and is missing in important questions. For those who do not want to miss the collection of forms, but at the same time want to spare their backs with a lighter schoolbag, the app is recommended, which will help you with problems in some Math student.

Memory PSE

For all natural scientists among you the app “Mark PSE” offers itself. It allows you a quick view of the periodic system of the elements and is indispensable in chemistry lessons. In any case for those who have not yet seen any benefit in memorizing the periodic table.apps school

Card types

You want to save the environment, your wrist and your score at the same time? This app makes it possible. Here you can create and sort card types. And that without a painful wrist of many writing and a huge pile of paper in the form of card types.


The dictionary app “Linguae” translates not only single words but entire sentences. Really helpful in any English, French or Spanish language. dictionary

The dictionary app does not translate entire word groups but allows you to search for vocabulary by downloading a vocabulary, without Internet, beforehand. A very much used app, especially if there are jammers in your school.apps school

The Abi-learning box

If it then slowly goes to school graduation, this app must be. The Abi-Learn box contains 100 exam questions for all Arbiter students. If additional fees are paid, further questions can be downloaded. A practical app that allows you to take a short learning phase for your Abitur in just a short time.

Ever note

Yes, here comes the bitter truth: records during the lesson are important. In order to be able to create them creatively and orderly, you must download the app Ever note. Equipped with many features, it provides a better way to keep notes safely than any Cellblock.apps school

Floppy Bird

Let’s be honest. A little fun in the school, whether during breaks or in a boring school, is as important as dictionaries, from collections or learning boxes. The “Flappy Bird” app can be used for all school hours or free time. Fun and addiction factor are guaranteed.

What apps have become indispensable to you and have always accompanied you during your school years?

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