5 Big Mistakes Most College Freshmen Make

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College freshmen have new opportunities, new experiences, and new environments ahead of them. Starting off fresh can give anyone a chance to succeed. Many people, however, make common mistakes that can set them off track. Here are five common college freshman mistakes and how they can be avoided or corrected.

Cutting Classes

Once in college, many students are first getting used to the independence. For some reason, it may seem okay to miss one or a few classes. There’s no logic in missing out on a chance to learn and connect with peers and faculty. Each lecture represents a small percentage of the total course content. It also costs a portion of their tuition. Discussing these points with an incoming college freshman should help them realize the scope of the experience, and how missing classes can hurt their chances of success.

Taking Too Many Classes

On the other hand, some students fill their schedule with as many classes as are allowed. There are even some who double up on their majors. Freshmen should start with a standard course load and focus their efforts on those classes. Multiple majors don’t make sense, even at a school like the University of Maryland, unless they fit together. Examples include mathematics and physics, or social work and psychology.


Shying Away from Help

It’s important for college students to not feel alone. Professors are often available during off-hours to answer questions and guide students in the right direction. It’s common to think professors don’t want to see you, or that you’re scared to say the wrong thing. Instructors are often glad to help clarify a paper or provide help before a test. In fact, professors are required to have office hours at least twice a week.

Not Taking Advantage of College Resources

Colleges have supportive resources such as tutoring and career help. An advisor can help choose a major or select the right classes to start with. Any school, including Chico State University, provides the services students need to make the most of their college experience. Avoiding them doesn’t do anybody any good.

Overdoing Social Media

Freshmen often spend hours a day on Facebook and other social media sites. This takes valuable time away from studying. Students also lose time for connecting with their peers in person. All the answers aren’t on a social site. Time should be set aside for being off social media, increasing one’s attention span, and focusing on time management.

College freshmen have vast opportunities ahead of them. Many, however, make too many mistakes. If these can be avoided, then the college experience can be more educational and productive, so one can go from freshman year to graduation, and on to their career.


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