Personal Informative Essay For Scholarship

Personal Informative Essay For Scholarship

Writing the personal, informative essay may be one of the most difficult writing projects one has to handle. This is because one has to handle a number of apparently contradictory tasks while accomplishing a personal statement. While writing about oneself, one must avoid the ‘me’ orientation, yet furnish personal details with utmost neutrality as possible. One has to express her self-confidence without sounding too haughty or egotistic. The writing has to both informative and convincing and believing in one’s project without sounding pompous. One must aim at striking the right balance and drawing the attention of the reader for the right reasons, but doing so can be very much vexing.

Following are a few pointers that will be helpful for one in the process of working on this statement over time:

  1. Target: One should always be clear and precise about one’s target while writing a personal information essay. She should reason out with herself as to why is she writing this essay. What she is hoping to achieve should be very clear in her mind. In addition, one must be clear in her mind whether her essay is both revealing and convincing.
  2. Audience: “For whom I’m writing this essay? Who are my targeted audience?” – Answer to these questions must be very clear in one’s mind. An essay, especially a personal, informative essay should always be written with the targeted audience in mind. One’s audience must get a comprehensible idea about one by going through this essay. So, keeping targeted readers in mind is very essential while writing a personal information essay, especially when one has the motive of achieving a scholarship in mind.
  3. Theme: Theme of writing essay describing oneself is very important. Any person has multiple facets. It is very important to consider which part of one’s personality should be revealed through this article. Not all elements of one’s personality are acceptable or adorable to all. Nor, it is essential to reveal everything to anybody. So, the theme of the essay, the subset of one’s characteristics should be carefully chosen to make the piece of writing both adorable and communicative.

    Personal Informative Essay For Scholarship
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  4. Tone: The tone or style of writing should also be kept in mind while writing an essay describing oneself. The tone must be lucrative and informative in one hand, and must match the temperament of the targeted readers on the other. By writing a sweet, readable, precise yet revealing essay one earns the pleasure and attention of the readers, which in turn will facilitate the chance of achieving a scholarship for one.
  5. Style: Style and grammar of the essay are very essential. Correctness of punctuation and spelling is also very important. Simplicity of style is also a necessary factor. It is very necessary to make the introduction interesting. And the heading should always be a catchy one. Complexity of sentences should be avoided. Variety and suitability of words must be carefully chosen. One should avoid exasperating facts and figures. Avoiding tautology and over emphasising is very essential. And last, but not the least, clarity of language should always be maintained.
  6. Revision of work: Revising an essay over and again before final submission is very crucial. One should not be afraid of changing or deleting a word or a phrase one feels inappropriate after revision. Also, it is sometimes necessary to entirely change the style of presentation of a particular section or paragraph. One should hesitate to make such changes over and again if necessary. Revision always makes any creation perfect. So, revising time and again makes the work very neat, catchy, precise and informative – which is very essential to impress the readers and secure a scholarship.

Therefore, we can conclude that writing a correct, attractive, precise yet revealing essay about oneself is very essential to achieve a scholarship.

Conclusion: In essence, writing the personal, informative essay may be one of the most difficult writing projects one has to handle. But, following above points may make informative essay easy.

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