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Learn a lesson, it’s boring! Whether you’re in college, high school or in higher education (medical or not) we would all do anything but spend our days trying to learn our lessons. You do not think?

However, it is necessary somehow. Forced because it is to our future, to get the job of our dreams … So you have to work.

You have to work trying to make the smart, trying to understand the most possible things to have to learn by heart the minimum. Yes, even in medicine possible: the proof is that I hate it and I never learned by heart anything, I have always tried to understand. Understanding facilitates learning: this is what I said elsewhere in a previous article.

But then, how to learn intelligently? There is no one method of course, but in this article I will mainly tell you what it is indispensable to learn the plan of your course!

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A plan = A structured course

Admittedly, this is not always true: all we know Teachers shit!

We must not believe that our teachers have simply swung phrases without thinking certain logic behind. In truth, they wrote them so we facilitate understanding of concepts rather complicated. They chew us a minimum work by presenting us these concepts simplified manner. Moreover, our job to us is to understand the concepts they want to convey. Us appropriate them.

In our courses, we obviously find all cobbled explanations hate or all the lists … It’s horrible that the lists! I’ve never held one of my life I think! But what you never paid attention: it is the lesson plan! And yet, with my bac + 4 I discovered that this is the most important!

The plan of course is the most important!

And to do, put yourself in their place. How would you proceed? Balance you all your ideas as a result of a stroke, anyhow?

Of course not! It is mandatory to order the ideas we want to send so logic and order of priority. This is how one gets a map, much like in school.

Then, once we have the map: we have more than fill the void and draft explanatory paragraphs (our famous cobbled so hated) and our lists disgusting!

Here, you have the manual of how to write a lesson! And now that we have understood this, we can understand why it makes sense to learn the plan of its courses!

Why learn the plan of a course?

If you followed my demonstration (and especially if I expressed myself well) understand easily by learning / including map a course, you learn the important ideas that the teacher wants to highlight those that are essential.

By learning the map, you see the course as a whole, in its entirety. You’re are focusing on the small details. Obviously, learning the details is important, especially in medicine: but understand the course as a whole is just as or even more! This is explained also this blog post Succeed right that I found interesting while surfing the net: Why do you learn absolutely plan your course?

Therefore, I really think it is very important to see the outline of a course first, understand its inner logic. This Sided you and allows you to have a first glimpse of the course in its entirety. Then, once you understand what the current talks, how it is structured: there he is wiser, I think, to learn the details, long paragraphs and lists.

Lesson: Perfect for revisions!

On the other hand, let you learn the plan of your course if I say nothing as the title, you go straight you remember the plan and with this in mind you will find everything that I said it in every paragraph! And this is really convenient for the particular exam.

And where I am going with my thinking: that the plan can make you revise! How? As you self-testing! Once you understand your course and learned the details in paragraphs, it can be very time consuming to reread each time the whole course in full when your revisions. What do you think?

So when I chose to review a particular course, I first tries to find the plan in my mind, nothing under the eyes. Then to remember or think about what was in paragraphs further. And this methodology works, until now at least …

You can see that the plan is pretty self explanatory! At a glance, you’re most of the way. And suddenly, you understand that it is easy to revise rereading the plan: we must try to remember that each portion contains. Then learning the plan, you know your course to perfection! What do you think?

In conclusion

In conclusion, I sincerely believe that learning plan your course is essential to have an overall view thereof; and it helps to remember that teachers want to pass us so intelligent.

You are free to choose your method of work, but if you look at how I work, you will find many similarities with the people who make records. Indeed, if we compare the many people sheets, they often look at the course outline but with more details. And I think we know better the course, unless the form is filled and the closer it is the plan! Moreover one often hears the phrase “a good record contains only dashes and keywords.”

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