What to do during your vacation stay in study abroad?

study abroad

Going to study abroad, sometimes for a very long time of several semesters or years. In addition, it is that during these studies, you’ll enjoy many periods of university holidays spread throughout the year. But what to do during these few weeks or months?

If some projects seem obvious, others are perhaps less known students going to study abroad. This is why we offer a list of possibilities for your university holidays abroad!

study abroad
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1. Conduct a summer internship in a company or organization

Summer internship programs are relatively uncommon. With an average duration of 12 weeks, they allow students to join a company during the summer holidays and work experience.

This is mainly explained by the fact that integrates courses in university curricula, and whole semesters are dedicated there sometimes. In these circumstances, the interests of “short” summer internships for companies and students is very limited. In some countries like the US, the Netherlands and Canada, summer internships are often the best way to gain experience, internships in the curriculum are very limited or nonexistent.

2. Get an additional skill or qualifications

University courses often teach you a predefined program, often more theoretical than practical. However, what companies are looking for, are key skills that will make the difference during everyday tasks.

Mastering software in particular, find a complementary domain to your, learn a new language as much opportunity that open to you during your university holidays.

Better yet, with the development of the internet, many courses and tutorials are available online.

3. Join the summer or winter programs

At first sight unattractive, yet this solution has many advantages. The summer and winter generally allow you to take several course modules to accelerate your academic credit, so your degree.

A Bachelor degree in four years can then be transformed into degree in three years if you participate regularly in the summer or winter sessions. Of course, this means less opportunity to enjoy student life. But it is also faster access to the workplace or the opportunity to release a semester or a year at the end of graduation to concentrate on another project.

4. Explore your new country or continent!

The most common solutions among international students go on one trip or group and the opportunity to live an adventure with friends. Cross the country or go to other destinations is a great way to build links, new experiences and get into new situations.

Bus or car rental, hostels or camping, evening in bars and day to visit, that’s the way the program traveling between expatriate students. The motto is to have fun as much as possible, while limiting the budget!

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