How to resume your studies when you work?

resume studies

Returning to school is one of the best ways to grow professionally or to change jobs. However, when you already have a job in your hands, it is not always easy to reconcile work and study. So, for you who want to return to school, here is the advice for know how to start resume your studies when you work.

resume studiesHow to manage your time?

Once the decision to resume studies is made, you need to think about how best to manage the time you spend on your studies and how much you will spend on your work and family responsibilities.

Among the options that can be considered, you have the choice between a shift schedule and a distance training. Generally, a shift schedule takes place in the evening to enable you to work during the day and to follow your courses after your work schedules.

As for distance training, it allows you to study at your own pace. Simply download the courses on the internet and take your exams online. Regarding your revision hours, it is best to devote thirty minutes to an hour a day to read your lessons. Then, to prepare your assignments or your presentations, you will have to sacrifice a few hours of your free time.

resume studiesHow to finance your studies?

If you have one year of seniority with your employer, the training costs can be borne by a joint collecting body approved for individual training leave or OPACIF. The mission of this organization is to collect from companies a compulsory contribution as individual training leave (CIF). Thereafter, it finances all or part of the costs incurred by the training. At the same time, you continue to benefit from a social security system that ensures you against accidents at work and occupational diseases. To benefit from this assumption, send your request to the OPACIF.

resume studiesHow to get back into the bath?

After years you have not studied, it is quite normal that your brain is not yet accustomed to the rhythm of learning. So you need to get back into the bath slowly. So, a few weeks before the beginning of vocational training, train your brain to read and memorize some passages of articles or books related to the subject you are studying. And if you have the opportunity, have a teacher assist you. You will see, you will have no trouble keeping pace after.

resume studiesHow to motivate?

With the tremendous pace of life, you will have to face between your work and your studies, there are risks where you end up getting morale at zero and dropping your studies. So, to succeed brilliantly in your studies, you need motivation. Set realistic goals to achieve: promotion, social advancement, salary increase, etc. Each day of training, imagine the life you will have once your goals are achieved.

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