Laptop is the right choice for your studies


Your computer is a work companion that you will probably keep for a long time. So take the time to choose this ally of your studies according to your needs and your rhythm. For this reason, its size, its weight, its functions are decisive qualities.

studiesThe weight

If it is intended to accompany you in a phi, opt for something light. “It will be necessary to move towards machines of 13 or 14 inches which will be lighter, explains, the vendor in the microcomputer, and will weigh between 1 kilo and 2,5 kilos.


The battery should also be able to hold several hours because you will not always have a handy socket. “From this point of view, SSD hard drives are interesting, they allow the computer to turn on and off quickly and take between 5 to 7 hours without needing to recharge,” says the specialist. Flat, the storage capacity will be a little less important but thanks to iCloud and external hard drives, this is no longer a fundamental criterion. “

Just remember to have a good USB key to avoid overloading your device and try to regularly clean your files to find yourself and to preserve all the power of your machine.studies

The operating system

Last important advice before purchase: meticulously check the operating system installed in the computer to avoid the nasty surprises (old versions Windows that do not allow to install the new software, privilege Windows 10).studies

The essential accessories

The computer must also have two USB sockets and especially be resistant. On this last point, check the solidity of the hinges between the screen and the keyboard.

It also seems difficult to save good protection. If the design or fabric sleeves can be attractive, they will not protect your computer in the event of a shock, “You really have to choose a real bag or a neoprene case.

Finally, do not make the mistake of setting yourself free of antivirus software. Consider that this antivirus protection is part of your initial investment unless you opted for a Mac. “Unfortunately, for the sake of economy many students prefer to download a free version,” says the seller, but they feel that it works, but in reality, their machine is very polluted and ends up being very slow. A case that we find very frequently in after-sales service whereas it is quite simple to avoid.studies

For each sector, its specificities

Beyond these general criteria, the needs may vary enormously depending on the type of study followed. Students in architecture, graphic design, cinema, and engineering schools will need much better machines than those studying literature or communication.

“For the former, it will be necessary to bet on more powerful computers equipped with Core i5 or i7 processors, and the latter will have to favor light machines equipped with Core i3 processors.

And the price?

The only reluctance to buy a laptop is often the price. County between 450 and 550 dollars for a quality machine that will accompany you durable. If your studies lead you to use particularly heavy software, it will be necessary to mobilize a larger budget around 800 dollars.

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