How to Help a Child with Concentration Disorder?


Is your child distracted easily? Did your teacher tell you that he did not concentrate in class? It is clear that your child is suffering from an attention disorder that can affect his or her academic performance and learning. This is a problem that you must take seriously as it will condition your personal development. You will need to work with your teacher to develop strategies and habits that will stop this behavior and prevent it from continuing. In this article of everything, we explain how to help a distracted child.

The first essential step is to define the problem of your child ‘s lack of attention, so you can set goals because many factors can distract him. If your child does not listen to you or is unable to read and follow certain rules previously established, he will have no idea what you are asking him for. In this case, it may end up accumulating considerable doubts and gaps. You will have to help him to get up to date and support him without judging him at any time.Concentration

It is also possible that your child rushes to do his homework without actually understanding the why of how. To help him avoid this distracted behavior, you will have to put into practice methods of work that his teacher will recommend. If he does not understand what he is doing, he will do his homework without ever finding the solution or memorizing without assimilating.

He may also be able to solve any exercise, but distracts himself and does not finish it. If this is the case, you will have to find out what is troubling your child: a problem that causes him concern, something that worries him … Children are like sponges and absorb all the energy of their environment. Speak with him and find the cause of his distractions.Concentration

Your child may also be distracted because he is bored or demotivated. Try to know its origin to find a solution as quickly as possible. Discuss with his classmates, with his teacher, and observe him to find the cause. If he needs support in any way, help him out. You will also have to set goals that can be achieved and, if successful, reward them. Praise your child with compliments and small rewards (with a points system for example) that will serve as a source of motivation. If you want to help your child become less distracted, ask them to do their homework after physical exertion, for example. For concentration problems, help them to spend their physical energy with games or a sport that they like.

To avoid this distracted behavior, you can also accustom him to repeating aloud what he must do, it will be as if he were giving himself orders. Even if it does not seem to matter, the fact of saying what one has to do verbally makes it possible to remember it and to follow each step to achieve its objectives.Concentration

To help a distracted child in a pleasant and visual way, make with his collages of papers with messages or drawings that tell him what to do. You can also teach him to divide the tasks into several steps and thus evaluate his progress gradually. It is much easier to accomplish small steps, so everything will seem possible.

If you want to help your child avoid distracted behavior, you can also use games. Many of them improve attention and concentration and, in the end, everything is doable with a little training and patience.

ConcentrationTake for example memory games to look for duplicates, hidden elements, differences between two images, or games with multiple-answer questions, role-playing games with a background story, silhouette drawings with dotted lines, The sorting of cards by theme. The options are numerous and will be of great help to attract the attention of your child.

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