How students benefit from a reversed classroom


Looking to interest your students more strongly? The emerging reverse class model uses technology to enhance the educational experience.

studentsHow Reverse Classrooms Work

The familiar teaching method currently used in most classrooms provides a teacher standing in front of the classroom to teach a subject to students while they take notes. This method may seem boring to students.

  • Instead of delivering information to students during class hours, instructors record their lectures and demonstrations digitally to allow students to look at them at home.
  • During the course, teachers and students make use of all their time to discuss skills and concepts and apply them.

studentsBenefits for Students

Unlike traditional models, students can watch digital lectures at their own pace, taking breaks and viewing again as needed.

  • Complex concepts can be reviewed repeatedly until students feel confident in their understanding.
  • Teachers can also respond more effectively to the needs of students with learning disabilities.
  • When students return to class after watching the lecture or online demonstration, instructors can immediately start discussions.
  • With more time, discussions can be deepened and involve the greater participation of all students in the classroom.
  • As the class applies concepts to case studies and practice problems, teachers can more easily notice problems in student understanding.
  • Similarly, students have the opportunity to express their questions and concerns.



The transition to an inverted class model must not be a radical change.

  • Instructors who are not yet familiar with the method can begin with the inversion of a specific unit or even a single lesson.
  • By becoming accustomed to video lessons, teachers’ lessons will become more effective in dealing with students who become accustomed to new expectations.

The emerging reversed classroom model appeals to students’ interest in using technology to improve their educational experience. In addition, the reversed classrooms increase the time teachers and students work together to improve their knowledge on a particular topic.

Iwona Walker

Iwona Walker is a passionate educator, dedicated to transforming the landscape of learning through innovation and creativity. With a background in educational psychology and a fervent belief in the power of technology to enhance education, Iwona has spent years exploring ways to make learning engaging, personalized, and accessible to all.

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