10 Smart and Gorgeous Careers to Travel the World

Careers to Travel the World

If you like to travel and you are looking for the best travel careers, these 10 study options are ideal for a life full of travel. The options to work and travel around the world are immense, every day there are more. For example jobs for digital nomads, or other jobs that allow you to travel as is the case with diving instructors, remote workers, or others. Let’s know what are the careers to travel the world.

However, if you are looking for a university degree that allows you to travel, you have to consider some of the studies that we show you below.

10 Careers to Travel the World

Careers to Travel the World

Now, to work and travel the world, you must not only have a university degree. Learning languages, the ability to adapt or the interest in other cultures will be fundamental to be able to carry out one of these careers abroad. Do you meet these requirements? Now we just need to know the best races to travel the world.


A career in journalism offers you many possibilities to travel or work abroad. Depending on the job, you can work abroad, travel covering news, and even work as a travel journalist or travel journalist, one of the most sought-after jobs among travel lovers. If you are interested in the latter, you can first start by creating a blog.


tourism career

If you decide to study tourism, the possibilities for travel are diversified. There are many options to work and travel the world with a career in tourism. You have to keep in mind that one of the main requirements will be to have knowledge of several languages. If you study tourism, then you can work in hotels around the world, as a tour guide, cruises, among other options.

Translation / Interpretation

Languages open doors to the world. Studying a career in translation and interpretation can lead you to travel the world or work during seasons abroad. Imagine that you end up working in an organization of the European Commission, there are scholarships for translation practices in the European Parliament. Or a job as a translator of some politician, employer, agency … you will have to travel whenever you need it.


Doctors also have options to work and travel the world. Most of these jobs can be found in international NGOs, organizations, sports teams, cruisers, the army … among others.


Nursing career

Like medicine, studying nursing can lead you to travel the world working in different destinations. The places where you can work coincide a lot with that of the doctors, after all, it is complimentary.

International relations

The international relations career is learned about the social, political and economic reality of the different countries. A career that offers jobs where travel is insured, yes, not as a backpacker.


Geologists are in charge of studying the earth. There are a lot of jobs for geologists that involve working abroad, usually in remote areas.



The profession of the professor can be one of the aptest to travel around the world. From studying to be a transformational teacher to other careers that will make you a teacher, they are apt if you want a profession where you can travel. A teacher can teach in different destinations around the world, in addition, you can also dedicate to give classes online and travel on your own.


If you like history, adventure, research … archeology is a race to travel the world. An archaeologist can dedicate himself to manage the archaeological heritage, work in museums, archaeological parks, teaching, or research and search for new sites.


Studying engineering, and of course, languages opens the doors to travel and work in different countries around the world. If you have not convinced any of the races mentioned, do not worry, there are more professions that will take you to travel the world.

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