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A good reading habit only begins to develop when at home it has been known to arouse an interest in reading superior to the enormous difficulties that learning to read implies.

To motivate them

Because learning to read is difficult and if there is no good motivation, the child will learn to read what the school sends him, without further ado, and will no longer want to keep working at home, especially when, In addition, watching television, for example, does not require just work and is also fun.

At home, therefore, we have an extremely important and entertaining task at hand. To begin, we must begin by offering our children a good example. There is no doubt that the children who from their earliest childhood see their parents reading begin to be curious since they were little and this ends up bringing them closer to literature.

Therefore, we can try to encourage the interest of our children by sitting close to them periodically while reading a book or simply the press of the day.

Undoubtedly, when we look at us, sooner or later they will ask us about what we read and that will be a good method to convey to them the incredible thing that can be read, the fantastic world of the books.

Read them together

Tell and read stories. It is also important that we become accustomed to telling stories at home. It is logical that there are many parents who feel especially unable to tell a story: “I have no grace, and no stories, I have no imagination, children get bored and ignore me, etc.” Are arguments that usually point some parents?

In these cases, you can always use traditional books. These, although less spontaneous and flexible than those invented, also help to create such an important reading hobby in these years.

Once we have become accustomed to reading the daily story (before falling asleep for example) we can try to leave it in the most interesting chapter. So, the next day, not only will it not be so difficult for them to leave the bed, they will be looking forward to the magical moment of reading.

Example and teaching

It is also essential that a reader’s “breathe a reading environment” at home. To achieve this, it will be good to have books that the smaller ones, which they can not read, can look at. And it does not matter that anyone is even a little broken.

We can also explain and hope that when you learn to read you will no longer have to wait for someone to tell you a story and a book can be read as many times as you want.

To make it lighter

Another aspect that must be taken into account is the size of the texts. Although the child has learned to read, it is important that the letters are large this will help the child to memorize them gradually. Thus, when the time comes to learn to read in school, there is no doubt that it will do so with less difficulty than those children who have had no contact with literature.

There is a good resource not to tire you with too many traditional tales; Buy books with other types of content such as songs, riddles or children’s games to entertain everyone together at home, a little time a day.

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