How to be a mathematician (as a mathematics teacher)

how to be a mathematician

Everyone wants to know how to be a mathematician. As a teacher of Mathematics, you already teach in a public center or private classes, you want to provide your students with effective and long-lasting learning. Due to the blockages that some may have in Mathematics, this task is not easy. Helping students to understand Mathematics, to acquire the necessary vocabulary to pass exams, to control the various theorems, etc. This requires passion and also a certain methodology.

Whether the student is preparing for selectivity, wants to enter a good university or simply wants to pass the subject, Mathematics is of the utmost importance.

How to be a mathematician

how to be a mathematician

Knowing how to be a mathematician is probably one of your first questions because you really want your math course to be exciting.

This is exactly what a Mathematics teacher from an Aubervilliers institute tried to do, proposing a somewhat peculiar exercise in a Mathematics test. His students had to determine, using their skills in geometry, the level of perfection of the famous dab-dance of footballer Paul Pogba.

Tips for math prof

  • Give a fun approach to Mathematics.
  • In the same test, students had to assess their “own level of swag” by means of a problem with relative numbers.
  • Using the humor and references that the students can understand, the teacher was able to demonstrate to her students that Mathematics is an integral part of our lives.

To make your students passionate, you can make them laugh, but you must also adopt a pedagogical approach:

  • Combine theory with practice in each lesson, that is, propose mathematical exercises for each of the concepts treated
  • Repeat the lesson as many times as necessary to ensure that all students have understood the use of the formulas you have explained
  • Listen to your students, and above all answer all their questions and show empathy

Tricks for math prof

how to be a mathematician

With her videos, this Math teacher has managed to captivate her students!

In her blog, this teacher, who previously taught private Mathematics classes, offers students interactive videos. He wants to stimulate the teaching of Mathematics by offering a more fun methodology.

Each subject taught. It is part of the curriculum of secondary school mathematics which is followed by exercises for students to practice. Since regular practice is one of the key elements of learning mathematics.

Tips for imparting math

Some students feel really lost with Mathematics: you can help them! First, the lack of understanding of the mathematical language used by teachers is one of the first things to consider. Square root, cardinal numbers or parabola are words that can be difficult to understand. Also, not having a good foundation in Mathematics also explains why some students feel confused.

There are several methods for a Math teacher like you to help your student overcome their fears. Among them, using games to teach Mathematics is an excellent way to combine learning with fun.

How to teach math lessons on webcam

how to be a mathematician

Currently, you can consider giving online math lessons via webcam. This method, very fashionable lately, has many advantages:

  • Do not waste time to get to your student’s house
  • You are more flexible with your schedule
  • You can exchange files more easily with students
  • The student is in a comfortable and stress-free environment

By giving online math classes (via webcam) you can also save, not only in public transport or gasoline. In fact, the time you spend on trips can be used to teach more classes, so you’ll earn more money.

Trick to teach math lessons

Online Math classes have many advantages. Keep in mind that the price of a particular class of Mathematics includes transportation costs. Your classes should be more affordable, which will attract more students! However, Mathematics classes by video conference also have their drawbacks, such as cuts due to a bad Internet connection or lack of communication with the student.

Now you have all the necessary elements to offer effective learning in your specialty! You only have to teach your classes and observe the results of your efforts. Share this guide how to be a mathematician in the social network.

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