How to be a good teacher? 10 essential qualities must have

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Be a good teacher, through help and understanding. Being a teacher implies more than having gone to the University and being a person with sufficient academic capacity to dictate a chair of a particular subject, the main thing that teachers should keep in mind is that they are a role model for each of the students, they are always observing how they act and even how they dress. Here, we’ll present how to be a good teacher.

10 tips on how to be a good teacher

How to be a good teacher

To provide an excellent education to the students concerning some areas of knowledge and ethical values. They can behave adequately in society. Good and transform teachers are not only in the classroom, but their responsibility is always with them.

1. The good teacher reaches all his students. Sometimes you can find teachers who complain that their class has too many students, the good teacher does not pay attention to the number of students, the best idea is to reach everyone.

2. The good teacher must earn respect. Teaching is not achieved by being a person who instills fear, but neither is it one that nobody respects, the teacher must earn respect, respecting the individuality of the students.

3. Student participation. Regarding the Ways to be a good teacher, it is vital to seek that the student interacts when the student participates learns up to eighty or ninety percent of the topics provided.

4. Teaching experience One of the factors of importance to be a good teacher is to demonstrate by its teaching quality the experience that it has in the way to impart knowledge.


5. The skill of expression. This is one of the best tools of a teacher of excellence, that is, the teacher must make himself understood about what he wants to express, without the students having doubts.

6. Dynamism To have the best Ways to be a good teacher you must be a dynamic person (without falling into the extreme of being a clown) so that students are aware of what is said in class.

7. Planning. The good teacher prepares in advance preparing a class of excellence, at the time of the organization should be taken into account the details that can be presented in the classroom.

8. Be himself. The good teacher must always present himself as what he is, pretending is useless, pretending to deteriorate the personality of a teacher and students identify with the teacher who makes his personality shine.

9. Training Regarding the ways to be a good teacher, permanent training should be a way of life, to be updated and to provide quality knowledge.

10. Think about the training of your students. The job par excellence of a good teacher is the training of their students, this should be interesting and in preparing each class should take into account this detail.

How to teach well?

How to teach well?

The most important skills and valuable advice to approach the most important profession of all: the teacher.

Whether you have dreamed of being a teacher or that you have done this job, working in the field of education offers you a series of skills that constitute a unique form of enrichment.

Teaching is above all a challenge, but also an increasingly flexible technique from the point of view of the methods that can be chosen. Yet it remains one of the most exciting and difficult jobs in the world.

Because, and it is the case to underline it, every teacher in the world of any field and level, has great responsibilities. It is through a knowledge that tries to transmit to other people so that they become aware citizens – in the case of the compulsory school for example – or workers capable of the case of professional training courses .

There are many other possible cases. For example, those who find themselves teachers by chance, for example by teaching their mother tongue abroad.

Since people often find themselves faced with the challenge of doing this stimulating job, here are some skills and skills that should be considered to embark on a career as a teacher.



To be a good teacher then, you will need to understand the needs of all the students in a class. Next, you need to be ready to adjust the shot and adapt your teaching style to better match the dynamics of the class. However you live it, teaching at any level is a challenge and remains an important job in which a perfect mix of listening, empathy, technical knowledge, and continuous updating is required.

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