6 tips to keep your kids busy during school holidays

school holidays

Finding a daycare during school holidays is a priority for working parents. Discover six simple ways to make your children happy and busy during the school holidays.

1. Interested in organized camp activities

The camps during the summer and spring holidays are a boon for working parents, as they bring them peace of mind while their children are well supervised and learn new skills.

Private Day camps are expensive, ranging from $ 300 to $ 600 a week, but there are many other organizations that provide excellent supervised activities for less.

Day camps organized by your city or community often offer reasonable rates. Rates may be $ 75 per week or less, and children will have the chance to ski, canoe or visit local attractions, depending on where you live.

Do not book your summer vacation until you have found the camps for all the organizations your child belongs to.

school holidays2. Camps with full board

Full-board camps are a great way to give your children a glimpse of semi-independence, while you enjoy a well-deserved break.

The cheapest full board camps are usually associated with religious organizations.

Subsidies are often offered based on income.

Each province has its own camp association. Search online for more information.

school holidays3. Cheap Art Crafts

Local art galleries and museums often offer free holiday activities.

Check also the local theater, as some organize theater classes at the reasonable cost over a week.

Many churches also run holiday clubs for children.

school holidays4. Organizing a cheaper child care center

Even if your children participate in activities organized during a part of the holiday, they must be taken there. In addition, there will be times when they will be at home and where they will need to be monitored.

Seek help from your relatives and friends to drop and retrieve your children to their activities, or take care of them at home.

If possible, divide your leave with your partner, so that each can spend time separately with the children.

Or arrange to share the services of a nanny or au pair with friends in the same situation.

Early childhood educator trainees may be happy to have the opportunity to practice their skills with a family for a lower price than a skilled nanny may.

Also, try to leave an ad on the notice board of a college for adult students who might be interested in keeping children.

school holidays5. Staggering costs

During the school year, put some money aside in short-term savings account for children’s holiday activities.

This way, not only will you spread the burden of inevitable additional expenses, but you will also earn some interest on your money.

6. Choose a project

Save money on activities outside the home by having your kids start an inexpensive project that can last throughout the vacation, such as a mega-building Lego, assembling a large album or Planting and maintaining a garden.

This makes things easier for other people who keep your children as they have a specific interest in them.

Do not worry about school holidays, find out what interests your kids and find an inexpensive project to keep them busy. You will be glad you did!

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