Time to find some study space for your teenager.

There comes a time in every teenager’s life when they have to accept that they will need to knuckle under and do some school work. Rather than have them sitting at the dining room table getting all annoyed at everyone or worse actually asking you for help, why not make some room in their bedroom for a desk. Now, whilst it might fill you with dread it does make some sense that they have it. If they want to fulfill their dreams they will need to put the work in and a specific space dedicated to study might be the answer.

What do you need to give the teenager the study place? Two things are required. The first is to get them a table or an office desk. It might be tempting to just go for a table but in the end you only get results from what you put in. Get them something decent with draws and room for a laptop.

The second thing to get them is a decent chair. For example a Draughtsman Chair like the ones from https://www.bestbuy-officechairs.co.uk/office-chairs/draughtsman-chairs/ are absolutely perfect. If you think about it, the posture of the teenager is just as important as yours in your office job.

Sarah Harris

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