How to React As An Emergency First Aider

As an emergency first aider, your first task is to assess the situation as quickly as possible. Determine the level of danger and the number of people affected. Call 999 or your local emergency services if it is a serious accident or injury. If the casualty has lost consciousness, make sure to get them into the recovery position as quickly as possible. You should also make sure the casualty is safe and that you will be safe as you approach the casualty. Once you have assessed their condition, begin the first aid process by checking their breathing and circulation. When you require information about Emergency First Aid Training Courses, visit as site like

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When performing first aid, remember to prevent infection by wearing disposable gloves and never cough on a casualty. If possible, provide pressure on a bleeding wound and apply compressions. If the casualty is unconscious, you should place them in the recovery position and observe them closely. If they cannot breathe, give them CPR, using hands-only chest compressions to the rhythm of Staying Alive by the BeeGees.

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If you feel that you are the only one at the scene, try to contact emergency services first to get advice on how to handle the situation. Oftentimes, emergency dispatchers know the exact location of the caller and will be able to locate the person quickly. Usually, an emergency first aider’s job is to respond to a medical emergency that might involve a fire, a vehicle accident, or a human injury or illness in public or in the workplace.


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