The transverse axis of health in basic education

Classroom education is important as it is a space and a particular place from which to build and promote the formation of people and, hence, of society.

Humanity today requires assimilating ethical principles to guarantee a good performance in coexistence with others in different areas of life.

At present, it is necessary to rethink the role of educational institutions as part of a formative network that begins in the closest context, family, community, enclosure, which constitute the centers of construction and legitimating of knowledge.


Cross-cutting has become an instrument that articulates the education sector with the family and society. The transversal axes integrate the family and community. They combine the fields of being, knowing, doing and living together. They provide students with a comprehensive and meaningful vision of their learning, as they propose an interdisciplinary treatment, linked to everyday problems and needs.


The transversal axis of health care and recreation habits has to do with the biological and psychological development of students, according to their ages and socio ecological environment; Eating habits and hygiene; The abuse of toxic substances; And the use of leisure time.


Health from the beginning of Sumak Kawsay is equivalent to well-being, well acting, and well relating. It is the integral well-being together with the whole natural, human and spiritual environment.

It is important that we achieve balance and harmony to enjoy a state of general well-being: physical, psychological, social and cultural.

What it means to have health

Having health does not only mean that we are not sick, that we do not feel pain. We are healthy when our body works well; when we enjoy with joy and tranquility a clean environment and free time; when we have work to survive; when we have health services nearby; When we collaborate with the organization of our neighborhood; When we practice with freedom our customs.

The commitment to which this transversal axis aims is to turn students into agents promoting their health.

In the right column, we offer some essential characteristics that must be observed in the educational centers of the country. Click here to know more reviews on student health care.

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