Four Educational Games Apps For Kids

Educational App Store is the preeminent destination for educational games for children of all ages. We’ve gathered the very best Android and iPhone/iPad apps and games for kids. A world of education, creativity and fun awaits!

Game apps for kids may be simple to play, but finding one that’s fun and meets all your criteria as a parent is far from easy- especially in the free category.

Fun and educational learning games help kids to learn in an easy way. If you’re going to download apps there’s a strong chance that you’ll be including some educational games to your list. Below is a list of the best payout casinos for the best educational game apps for kids.

MentalUP Educational Games

MentalUP Educational Games is one of the best educational games for kids because it is both entertaining and educational. Parents love this learning games app because it allows their children to create and operate their own cars, cranes, rocket ships, aircraft, helicopters, tanks and more.

The games are really fun to play with your child while challenging the skills that they are designed to stretch. Each game begins with a short and to-the-point instruction and then the timed exercise begins. Choose your level of difficulty and enjoy the challenge of this interactive game for kids.

Players (or their parents) can personalize gameplay towards helping certain skills and take the child’s age into account. A reports page provides a record of accomplishments and progress. A player avatar can also be upgraded with cosmetic items by spending the in-game currency that is earned through success.

LogicLike: Kids Learning App

LogicLike is a kids’ game app with a variety of 2,500+ unique brain teasers and puzzles put into a logical order. The games have been thoroughly handpicked and packed to ensure you won’t get bored and will get valuable skills. Their in-house learning specialists have structured learning tracks that will help you start where you are and gradually improve. This step-by-step course will help you develop skills evenly.

The games include math problems, spatial thinking games, logical problems, smart counting, memory, and other entertaining and engaging puzzles for kids.

Coco – Educational Games

Coco – Educational Games is one of the best educational games for kids. Kids have to solve various educational puzzles and memory games. Kids are involved in an interactive experience by running, flying, and jumping by playing little mini-games. The visuals are lovely, but it’s how they mix them with sound effects that make this game so awesome.

This fun free game teaches kids to recognise basic numbers and letters, as well as to learn about colours, words, shapes and even their first sounds, courtesy of real money online casinos.

Curious World

Curious World is an early learning and educational games app that inspires kids ages 2-7 by giving them the freedom to explore their interests and build their self-confidence – through hundreds of books, games and videos. Curious World: Play Learn Grow is packed full of different types of activities to entertain and educate children.

Curious World is like a one-stop shop for a mix of education and entertainment activities that are completely safe and appropriate for children making it one of the best educational games for kids. Videos, games, books, songs and hands-on activities, including craft projects and science experiments, will give your child a great resource to learn from and use to avoid boredom. It is no wonder it is one of the best educational game apps.

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