School, big door or small window?


The school is not the big bay window in front of us. The school is not the big window that allows us to see and understand the world.

The school is rather the small window by the glass a little thick, which frames our view, which somewhat blurs the landscape. We see through it, but we cannot perceive the meaning that what we see in it

And sometimes even, school is that:School


If I knew how to draw, I could have illustrated perfectly the image I have in my head, unfortunately, I do not know how to do! In the “real” life I make the gesture with my hands: school is not “that” (arms outstretched before me, hands open to show a wide space in front of me, right in front of my eyes), but c Is “that” (arms stretched to the side, small space on the corner of the glance).

And it is primordial that children understand that school is ONLY school: that something is expected of our children, something that must not define them, something that does Is not real life. Codified, programmed learning. A thousand leagues from the real learning of everyday life.

That we, parent, understand it, but that our children must understand it tooSchool

We are told that these learnings are essential to advance in this society, to have keys to go further and to access what we want to do (via a specific diploma). I am no longer very sure of all that … It suffices for this to think about all these years seated to swallow information, then to try to restore it … 1/10? 1 / 100th? Less??

Eliott understood thatSchool

  • He understood and integrated the rules of the school.
  • He understood that the mistress expected of him.
  • He understood that giving “that”, he was quiet for the rest.
  • He understood that his results at school did not define him.
  • He understood that his results at school did not change anything for us in relation to him.

He also understood, of course, that by giving what the mistress expects of her, we expect nothing else, academically speaking. We do not talk about his work, his notes, his duties at home. At home, he can work on what he really likes, and not redo and redo and redo his homework.

And if he does not want to do his homework, I constantly tell him that it is his responsibility and that he assumes his choices in front of his mistress.

And when I see the boyfriends and girlfriends around him, I think it would be so simple, so serene if all the children could understand that. And if all PARENTS could do it too.

Let’s stop over-investing the school, let’s leave it in its place, and let’s not lose sight of the fact that it is school, and that life is so much more than that.

Iwona Walker

Iwona Walker is a passionate educator, dedicated to transforming the landscape of learning through innovation and creativity. With a background in educational psychology and a fervent belief in the power of technology to enhance education, Iwona has spent years exploring ways to make learning engaging, personalized, and accessible to all.

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