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A nursing care technician (NCT) is a qualified nursing assistant who performs basic health care tasks under the supervision of registered nurses. The usual functions of a nursing care technician include monitoring patient’s vital signs, helping patients to wash and feed themselves, sterilizing the instruments and changing the bedding of the hospital. Nurse care technicians are sometimes called certified nursing assistants (NACs), health care assistants or nurses. The average salary of a nursing care technician was $ 56,000, per the job search and site information.


A high school diploma or a general education diploma (GED) is usually required for NCT roles. Candidates must also be at least 16 years of age. Applicants must complete an AIIC (Certified Practical Nurse) certification program at a nursing institute, community college or medical institute. These courses generally take six to twelve weeks and culminate in full certification. Areas covered during the CNA include general nursing skills, anatomical and physiological studies, infection control measures and nutritional advice.

Examination RequirementsNurse

Specific regulations for certification vary from state to state, but most CNA courses end with a certification exam. The examination is based on 21 strengths required by an NCT, as governed by federal legislation. The CNA review covers a range of nursing competencies, including health and hygiene procedures for hospital services, verification of vital signs of patients, responding to emergencies, and assisting Immobile patients to arrive at different areas of a clinic facility or health. Once the exam has been passed successfully, a candidate can register with the Nurse’s Aid Registry Board within the state where they intend to practice.


Some states have specialized programs that NCT is required to finish working particularly on health care roles. The General Assistant Nursing Program (NAG), for example, allows caregivers to work with the elderly in nursing homes. The Certified Aide (CMA) medical program allows nursing assistants to give medication to patients in homes and long-term care facilities. The Home Health Aide (HHA) certificate program allows patient care technicians to work for home care agencies.

Training RequirementsNurse

NCTS must have at least 75 hours of approved state training, as reported on the Labor Statistics Bureau website. This can be gained during CNA through clinical internship work in local hospitals and nursing homes, in addition to classroom instruction. Candidates encounter many different types of patients during courses, including the elderly suffering from Alzheimer’s and other degenerative diseases. This gives NCTS potential an extensive knowledge of health care needs in a range of settings. NSTIs newly hired are usually required to operate under the guidance of experienced nurses until they have acquired sufficient knowledge to perform tasks themselves.

Personal RequirementsNurse

NCTS should show compassion and empathy in assessing and meeting patient needs. They should work well as part of a nursing team and excel in acquiring knowledge through observation. An NCT should also have excellent communication skills because they may be required to talk with patients and their families to offer advice on improving diets and follow-up procedures. An NCT must also be in good physical shape and healthy, as indicated on the Degree Directory website.

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