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Children are curious by nature and their best teachers are their parents. If you do not know how to teach the alphabet to your child and in the right order, do not worry. This concept is confusing for many parents. What more can you do to help your child learn the alphabet? The answer is a lot. Look for the method that best suits your child, and tries to apply the tips below by teaching it to him.

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teachYou will need:

  • Computer
  • Daily routine
  • Song

Use online games; there are many sites that offer online games or playful videos. Even without the internet, you can use the computer to teach him letters. Simply open the text editor page and let your child press the keys on the keyboard. Children often watch their parents when they are on the computer. They will take advantage of the opportunity to play on the internet or in the text editor and will feel great because they will reproduce what Dad and Mom do.

teachLook for letters in the real world, apart from the computer and the home, they are everywhere. For example, a trip to the supermarket offers opportunities to find and identify letters. Make a recognition game and identify the order of letters throughout the store. Start with the letter “A”, and look for the next letters in order. Have fun and be creative for rare letters like “Q” and “X”

Teach your child to recognize the letters of his or her first name. Use the refrigerator magnets or letter cubes to show the child the ones that make up his first name. For example, when the child finds a letter of his or her first name, congratulate him or her and say, “Yes! This letter is in your first name! “

teachSing the song of the alphabet. In the car, taking a bath, making dinner or choosing a book at the time of sleep, everything is good for singing the song. The song helps children remember the order of letters and it is a good mnemonic. Encourage the child to sing along with you.

Show the child images of objects and tell him by what letter of the alphabet he begins. You will help your children learn and retain the alphabet.

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 Be patient with the child. If the child still does not recognize letters, talk to a pediatrician.

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