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Let us see how to take notes at a university to better learn and review your courses. For many students, the first few days at university represent a huge change in the learning methods to which they were accustomed. Teachers no longer dictate courses, there are no textbooks that follow the curriculum, and it is necessary to know how to distinguish the essential from the superfluous in the lectures.

universitySit in the right place

If you are in a large classroom, sit in a place where you hear the teacher and where you see the painting. If you are too far away, you will spend more time asking your neighbor what the professor said or just said, a difficult situation to take proper notes.

Write the date on your notes at the beginning of each course. This will make it easier for you when you look for what has been said on a particular day.

If you do not have a notebook to take notes at the university, number the sheets, especially if you are using flying sheets. You will have a headache if you did not number your leaves and a gust of wind would make them fly away.

universityGood organization and handwriting

If you take notes with a pen, try, if possible, to write to be able to read it again, even if you give your notes to the proper one. It is not necessary, but you will lose time if, when you go home, you realize that you cannot reread your own handwriting. If the teacher goes too fast and you do not want to miss anything that he says, you can use abbreviations and symbols for certain terms, rather than scribble unintelligible words.

universitySymbols for important passages

Very often, some teachers say “this part could be part of the partial” or “if I were you, I would listen to this part of the lesson.” You will then have to signal these parts with symbols such as exclamation marks or notes in another color. Reporting the parts that may be the subject of the partial will be very helpful when you need to review your notes.

Put the notes on their own

If you write very badly, it is desirable that you copy your notes to the computer to study them more comfortably. In addition, when typing your notes to the computer, you will review them at the same time. Therefore, it is a great exercise to learn your course. Similarly, if you have taken notes running directly on the computer, you can also fine-tune and improve writing, organize into paragraphs, add new concepts, and so on. In addition, most importantly, once you have copied your own notes, summarize the concepts as much as you can and make records.

universityAsk questions

Do not stay with unanswered questions for fear of asking questions in public or asking the professor after the course. Sometimes, understanding or not a key concept makes the difference between a brilliant note and a partial failure.

Folders and filing cabinets

Organize your class notes at the university as best you can either use classroom workbooks or use folders. It is even better if you take your notes on flying sheets that you can then arrange as you wish, whereas, with the notebooks, you will have to make follow each other materials. Good organization will save you time and effort. In addition, studying will become easier.

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