Careers with a future: Why study Communication?

Why study Communication

We are born with the need to express ourselves, to be listened to, to talk, to interact with others. Communicating is basic, but it is also a way to make a living, even if you do not believe it. Here, we will answer why study communication. 

The communication is in practically everywhere, from the announcement you see in the mornings. The news you listen to on the radio every morning, the magazine you read on the transport. The notes they share on Facebook and, yes, even the memes that make you laugh so much Creating and delivering a message in the right way involves an important analysis and process. That’s why this career is gaining relevance in the workplace. In addition to having various branches to specialize, so studying Communication can be a great idea.

Why Study Communication?

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The degree in Communication is responsible for creating and developing concepts that allow effective messages to be developed towards the recipients. Analyze and execute strategies that can communicate most effectively and appropriately to the target audience. It has the responsibility to make messages clear and simple to understand.

What skills will you develop?


You will be able to design, produce, manage and distribute content for the different existing media. You can also develop communication plans and processes, as well as create and write texts for different audiences and media.

Where can you work?

Thanks to the fact that communication is necessary for absolutely everything, studying this career gives you the possibility to develop yourself in different areas: journalism. Yours is to report the most relevant events, investigate, interview people and find all the necessary information to write and the truth come to light. In the area of advertising, in print media, if you want to research and write, in the digital area with texts for emails, social networks, blogs or web, or, if you prefer, in a company, as a relevant agent in the internal and external communication process.



How much does a Communication graduate earn?

To be able to aspire to a good salary in an area with so much professional offer it is necessary to stand out (positively) from the rest. So having one or two languages will open doors to better jobs, more and more companies require the use of another language; Another advantage has experience as a trainee, professional practices. Extracurricular activities or personal works-a personal blog, for example.


Web content analyst Once you have gained experience (approximately 4 years), you can be responsible for developing content that adds value and is relevant to users. Salary: An approximate of $ 18,726 per month. Activities: Collection and search of information, editorial activities of the website, generate new and useful content.

Web content analyst Mr. If you have 4 or up to 10 years of experience, you can show off as an expert in web content, which also translates into better salary. Salary: An approximate of $ 21,714 per month. Activities: Responsible for developing and providing relevant content for users, having as purpose the constant visit of the same.

Supervisor of marketing and advertising communication Depending on the area in which you work, if you have experience of 4 to 10 years, you can work as a supervisor. Salary: From $ 28,803 to $ 45,842 per month Activities: Responsible for the production and dissemination activities of the company’s campaigns.

This career shares certain characteristics with a degree in Marketing, so having a diploma or master’s degree will allow you to access better jobs. Would you like why study communication?

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