How to study for exams in one day

how to study for exams in one day

How to study for exams in one day? It is not an easy task. In times of exams, it is very frequent to review everything we have studied, a practice that many teachers recommend to their students, but as a recent study has revealed, both teachers and students would be wrong. And the best thing to test the knowledge acquired during so many study sessions is to perform a test frequently.

How to study for exams in one day?

how to study for exams in one day

At first, start with research. The research was conducted by experts from a university in the United States and has been published in the journal Science. During the experiment, a group of students who read a text about a certain scientific topic was tested and then they did a test to demonstrate everything they had learned.

A week after performing this simple experiment, participants remembered up to 50% of what they had read, something that did not happen with other methods of study. And it is that many of us when we have an important exam, we use the old technique to review again and again all the subject of study. Although many people find this method very effective, this simple experiment demonstrates once again that the best way to study is to test ourselves to test our skills and, in this way, reinforce those aspects in which we limp.

So if you have an exam in sight, there are a series of highly advisable practices to succeed in your test, whatever it may be.

You must make a calendar, planning each day what you are going to study and dedicating at least one day a week to rest and, of course, meet this agenda and not leave everything for the last moment. At least once a week, perform a test that you can do yourself with some questions or exercises. You will see in what aspects you need to deepen more.

The day before the exam

day before the exam

It has always happened to all of us that after studying hard and preparing an exam thoroughly, nerves, anxiety or stress affect us in such a way that we end up stopping the exam. To avoid exam mistakes and critical situation, it is best to take into account some simple tips that help us to pass the test successfully and without nerves.

When the date of your exam approaches, be it in the institute, the university, the oppositions or the dreaded driving test. It is best to try to maintain a positive attitude, even if it is difficult to put into practice.

Rest is essential, as it helps you to face tests more easily and more naturally. To achieve this, it is also important to educate the mind as if it were one more day in our lives.

And as in any other situation, relaxation techniques are fundamental and in this, breathing plays a leading role. Learn to breathe properly, you can sign up for yoga or tai chi classes where they will help you master this art.



Many experts recommend going to the place before performing the test, since knowing where we are going to examine helps to reassure us. So do not hesitate to go about 30 minutes before the appointed time so you can familiarize yourself with the site. Another recommendation is to leave everything prepared the day before, the documentation, the necessary materials, the receipt of the instance …

Once you start the exam, remember that the quantity should not take precedence over quality. Do not worry if your colleagues write much more than you, that does not mean at all that they do it better. Although these tips are difficult to put into practice, do not hesitate to try, you will see as if you have confidence in yourself and a positive and calm attitude, you achieve better results.

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