Start its academic year: 6 tips to optimize semester!

optimize semester!

Most often the fall is synonymous with good resolutions, stress and new experiences!

Some tips and ideas to start this new semester off right! At the end of the article, find templates to organize more playful way.

1. Take care of yourself!

To keep in shape in the long term, opt for a relative good lifestyle seems paramount. By changing a few habits can go a virtuous circle and enjoy all its capabilities! For this, of course some small talk:

  • Sleep enough. Sacrificing sleep for review is not a solution. Try to respect the most of your needs and your pace. For those who have difficulty falling asleep, turn off all screens one hour before bedtime (even Instagram!) Can be a good solution!
  • Eat properly. Not always easy with a student budget to eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day, but you can always put the dishes to oneself rather than a good old Royal Cheese …
  • Play sports. Or at least be active. For several months, I opted for the free application. It allows you to have a pedometer on your smartphone and you indicate your level of activity. Also, the facs offer sports classes often cheap.

optimize semester!
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2. Organizing (for real)!

Get organized saves a lot of time. The most important is to find YOUR method. You can arrange with schedules or lists. The goal is for your organization to be profitable you, feel free to innovate or change your habits. Do not continue in a way that does not bring good results.

3. Circle right people

The watchword at the University is not isolate! You will need the other students to live serenely your five years of study. From the beginning of the season, do not hesitate to reach out to others, to open yourselves and to be integral to your promo colleagues.

You can also consider to constitute a working group. For some, group work enables progress much more quickly and breaks the isolation that many students suffer today. You can diversify the groups according to the teachings.

4. Know relax, meet its limits

Take breaks, visiting friends outside college, decompress, get out is essential not to lose ground in mid-year. Your brain and your body will demand you quickly! A you to estimate your needs: how long can you revise productively? How long should a break?

Obviously, working in the field of addiction, I can only strongly advise against relax via certain drugs, such as cannabis. In the very short term, cannabis give you blackouts increasingly large fatigues. Not ideal for passing exams …

5. Create or expand a professional network

Throughout the year, do not neglect your future professional network. Taking the time to meet professionals, to job shadowing (although very short), send mail to establish contacts, will necessarily be long-term fee and especially in your future job search.

6. Say no to procrastination!

Ah procrastination! The problem with many motivated students so eager to do things that constantly repel. Try to see why you procrastinate, what needs do you fill?

Finally …

Do not hesitate to share your ideas, methods and whatever works for you to start back on the right foot!

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