How to write faster in exams for covering time

How to write faster in exams

Writing quickly for the examination will be very useful throughout his life, for adults it is important to write quickly many times, but the participant has a hard time winning this skill. This must be an action that is practiced constantly and in that sense is not practiced much.

How to write faster in exams?

To teach fast writing, we must be patient and present the activity as fun and even as a competition. Encourage with topics to be of interest. If the student wants to write something about an animated series that is to his liking, let him do it but as quickly as possible.

How to write faster in exams

Take care that your letter is not deformed

In addition to encouraging them to write fast. It is also important that the lyrics are not deformed. One of the main benefits of writing fast is that this helps a student to capture everything around him, speed up his auditory memory and stimulate the movements of the hand and arm generating a rapid response of the brain to the stimulus.

Write the main ideas

Usually, when a person says something, who literally tries to copy everything that person said, is in need of going to his memory in an absolute (memory) to the weariness of the mind. However, applying the technique of recognizing the main idea allows the child to copy only a few words of the main ideas.

Use of symbols

Often, when students older than 10 or 11 have to take note of what. For example, the teacher dictates they get lost in the middle of the story. This is solved if they use symbols that are known to them. The use of abbreviated words that are used so much in social networks, can be very useful to capture the main ideas but at this point we must then have to emphasize that one thing is to take note of what is said to write more quickly (draft) and another very different is the final writing or to be presented to the teacher (written to be delivered) .


Even though students are small (over 8 years old) they can be stimulated by a short dictation. At this point, it is important to go with some haste to dictate and repeat only once what has been dictated. Surely in the first dictation, many will not have adequately fulfilled the slogan but, with the passage of time, their hearing will become accustomed and the muscles of the hand and arms will have gained the necessary speed.

Use the game

Put a simple slogan. For example, after having seen a short film or having done some field trips or visits to some place and back in the classroom, ask the student to write in 5 lines. What they liked most about the walk or the movie and then tell them.

Good handwriting skills are learned in childhood through the development of eye and hand coordination, good posture, hand position, and fine motor skills. Handwriting then becomes an action that requires little or no thought. If bad habits are fostered in childhood, they become a habit and it is difficult to change them in adulthood. Improving writing skills in adulthood means increasing the readability of writing, which increases fluency and writing speed. You must also learn to grasp the pencil correctly.

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