How to quote a book while reading

How to quote a book

When a part of a book is mentioned exactly, it is necessary to quote it with quotation marks or parentheses and to refer to the author of the book in order not to attribute the phrase or paragraph that is going to be used. It is important to know how to quote a book. In this way, you will avoid plagiarism that is the crime in which a person copies a text and makes believe that he wrote it or created it.

How to quote a book

Here we expose the different ways of how to quote a book:

Quote a book within the text: less than 40 words

How to quote a book

While you are writing and you want to enter an appointment, there are two ways in which the author can be given credit. One of them is to add your text, then place the textual quotation in quotation marks and then place in parentheses the author’s last name, year of publication and page number.


Accentuation is one of the most important rules when we write. Some authors say that “Spanish or Castilian is one of the few languages that has an accentuation system to help reading” (Brown, 2008, p.9) therefore, you must know when to place it.

Another way is to quote within the text a sentence with its respective reference of the author. Initially, the author’s surname is placed with an attribution verb that best fits and adding the year of publication in parentheses. The sentence is then put in the textual form, and the page number is added at the end of the sentence. It would be as follows:


Accentuation is one of the most important rules when we write, Brown (2008) assures us that “Castilian is one of the few languages that has an accentuation system to help reading” (page 9). Know when to place it.

It is important that the orthographic rules are set as they are established, that is, commas, quotation marks, parentheses, and points must be respected.

With this, the reference will be better understood and it will be easier for the reader to understand it.

Also, attribution verbs are of great importance to make people see that the sentence belongs to another person. These ways of how to quote a book are from the APA standards.

Quote a book with several authors

Quote a book with several authors

Up to now, it has been detailed how to quote a book when the content is from a single author, but how to do it when dealing with multiple authors? It is not so difficult, or so different.

There are several ways to do it.

The first is to add the appointment, and then it is essential to have the names of them and place the year of creation and then the number of the page where the text is. It would be something like this:


Some authors investigate industrial safety and point out that “each worker has responsibility for their safety. It is, of course, the workers and their families who suffer most directly as a result of injuries at work “(Grimaldi and Simonds, 2004, p.131).

Another way of doing this is to place the name of the authors at the beginning, followed by an attribution verb that specifies that these writers are the ones who published the quote. Then, you add the paragraph you want to take, at the end of the page number is placed; it is necessary to do it in parentheses and with a “p.” To indicate the number. It will be evidenced in this way:


There are authors who investigate industrial safety. Grimaldi and Simonds point out that “each worker has responsibility for their safety. It is, of course, the workers and their families who suffer most directly as a result of work injuries “(p.131).

When you do not have the full name of the author, i.e. when the work is anonymous, credit is set to the name of the publication. In other words, the quote is added -with quotation marks-, when this is finished, it is followed by the title of the work and, then, the year in which it was published. These last two are in parentheses so that the reader understands.


“For a long time, Roberta has needed the support of others. What she does not know is that she is older and can not count on those around her as before. The woman has to face the dangers of life alone; nothing will be as before “, (Life of Roberta, 2015).

Quote a book within the text: more than 40 words

Quote a book

The above examples are of citations that consist of fewer than 40 words, for this it is necessary that when a sentence, sentence or paragraph is going to be copied, the total of the words is counted.

If it is less than this amount, then the credit of the text is made in the manner mentioned in section # 1. However, when it comes to more than 40 words, the way of doing the reference is very different.

If there are more than 40 words, then the separate quote should be placed in what way?

An introductory paragraph is made that is of the person, not copied, but some message that is significant. Then you put the author’s last name, followed by the year of publication and two points. And then place the appointment, but you have to take into account that this does not add the quotes.

Also, the quotation marks are not added, according to the APA standards and the different organizations that teach how to quote a book, this should be placed below the introductory paragraph, i.e., click on the Word document and proceed to put what is going to refer. This appointment should be placed with a spacing of 0.5 on both the right and left sides (to be recognized).


The appointment must also go with simple spacing, both with the spacing and with the line spacing will be different from the others written. In the end, the page number is placed. You can verify and do these steps by reviewing the Word document; in this file, there are parts where you can configure these forms to do it as it is ordered. This must be done as it progresses.

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