How to Make Homework Fun? 8 Tips to Make It Not a Nightmare

how to make homework fun

If you want homework to be useful for your students’ learning, and to solve them successfully, know these eight tips on how to make homework fun.

How to make homework fun?

In recent months there has been constant news about the controversy of duties. There are defenders of the tasks, and others are totally against it. This controversy triggered, neither more nor less. In which parents refused to have their children do their homework during the weekends of November. It has also been viral the announcement of Ikea in which the company proposes more family dinners and fewer duties.

Here are some basic ideas to effective and duties that are not a nightmare for students:

  1. Custom. As far as possible, they should be adapted to the needs of each student.
  2. Long-term projects. Homework may include long projects that last several days, weeks, or even months.
  3. Create habits. These duties should also be aimed at creating study habits and good discipline.
  4. Expand knowledge. Instead of repeating what is explained in class, homework should be more focused on expanding knowledge.
  5. Breves. Especially for the little ones, they should brief and should focus on the basic skills: reading, writing, and operations with numbers (all in a very playful way).
  6. They are varied and practical. They must know how to apply those learned in the classroom to the world around them to relate it to everyday life. You must see the practicality of the task.
  7. Adequate level. Students must be able to do homework on their own. Therefore, the level must be adjusted.
  8. Amount. We cannot saturate students outside the classroom with large amounts of homework. Free time is also very important for your education and development.

First of all

Do not isolate him in his room to study in solitude, but invite him to sit by your side. If you also have some chores to do on the computer or in the kitchen, you can do them quietly by his side. Working together, the child will feel more involved and consoled. See that. His mother also has important tasks to complete. If you have to learn a story page or have to practice reading, you can make the situation more cheerful, how? Read it once, maybe with a nice tone or with a funny expression, gesticulate, and try to be funny. You will first laugh, but then you will see that the lesson will remain etched in your memory.

If you don’t understand a concept, try to explain it with a drawing or through games. Fun and laughter are not a pretext to get distracted, but on the contrary, it is a different way to attract your attention, as it is said to learn by playing.

In mid-afternoon

Propose a snack break, have your child help you prepare a nice toast with vegetables or a cheerful face made with fresh fruit. It is short, but the intense break is essential to unplug the books and recharge the energy you need for concentration.

If returning to sit on that boring chair, to start over with the usual boring tasks, demotivate your child. Then it is time to recreate a new and stimulating study area, perhaps in the dining room sitting on an ottoman or kneeling on a soft carpet. The unusual atmosphere will seem very funny and will be motivated in the study. Every time he completes a task, compliments him, and reward him, your appreciation helps increase his self-esteem and move forward with greater positivity.

To learn a mathematical formula or a poem, help it by humming a melody, musicality is useful to memory and accelerates learning. Teach him to organize his tasks as if they were work commitments to be completed within specific dates.

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