Dynamics to work on cooperation in the classroom: What a head mine!

cooperation in the classroom

Today I share with you a dynamic of cooperation for your tutoring classes that I have taken to practice this course and I think you may like it. It is a dynamic that I have entitled ‘ What a head mine! and aims to work the importance of the selfless help of one partner towards the other.

I hope you like it. So, without further delay, we set sail.

Cooperation in the classroom

cooperation in the classroom


Material: An object per student that can easily transport over his head.

Distribution: Standing freely walking through the classroom. You can choose an open space that is not the classroom.

Duration : 20′-30 ‘

Objective: To learn that sometimes when faced with a difficulty, the selfless help of a partner always comes in handy.



During the dynamic, all students must move around the classroom freely with something on their head, such as:

  • A case
  • A sandwich
  • House keys
  • A book
  • Juice
  • The agenda
  • A piece of fruit
  • The draft of the blackboard

When a student loses the object on his head, he must remain completely still. You can only walk again when a colleague picks up the object and puts it back on his head without dropping his own and without holding his own with his hands.

Tip: For the realization of the activity you can put a relaxing music if done in the classroom.



Here I leave some open questions that I think will be useful once the dynamics:

  1. What feeling have you had when your object has fallen from your head and you could not move?
  2. How did you feel when you were able to help a partner by raising his object by placing it back on his head?
  3. How would you relate this activity to the concept of ” self-esteem “?

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