6 Ideas for Graduation Gifts other than Money


Being a university graduate is an important event and a special gift is a great way to celebrate the results of a recent graduate. If you want to discover an alternative to giving money, here are 6 wonderful ideas for end-of-study gifts other than money.

1. Helping to get an internship

Many new college graduates are struggling to find work. In today’s competitive marketplace, finding a job may be more of a network than a skill.

  • As a result, one of the best end-of-study gifts you can offer a person who has not yet landed a full-time position is to help him find an internship.
  • Maybe you are working for a company that is looking for a trainee or you have connections in the business world.
  • Many internships lead to full-time job opportunities in the end, so this can be a great way to help a young graduate get started in the professional world.

Graduation2. Leather Case

A degree is excellent to be hung on the wall of his office, but a black leather briefcase can be used from one meeting to another and gives a professional side.

  • Practical and elegant, a leather briefcase can be an excellent gift for a young graduate who is about to enter the job market.

3. A gift card from the mall

For graduates who do not return to their parents and live instead in their first apartment, a gift card is a perfect gift.

  • Get a gift card in a store that sells a wide range of practical household items as this will help the young graduate to buy the items needed to live independently.

Graduation4. Cooking classes

While there is nothing better than a good homemade dish by one of his parents, offering cooking classes to a young graduate is a useful way to prepare them to live alone.

  • Not only is cooking well for an appointment, but it also saves the young graduate from spending money to eat every day outside.

Graduation5. Pay for a resume writing service

Nowadays, applying for a job often goes through a very automated procedure, so it is important to have a resume that stands out in front of a recruiter.

  • Most recruitment officers only have a few minutes to digitize a resume and make a decision on the relevancy to call the candidate.
  • A resume writing service can take the CV of a young graduate lacking inspiration to make it relevant and competitive for a small fee.

Graduation6. A new wardrobe

Making a good first impression during a job interview is paramount.

  • As a result, it is convenient to offer new clothes as a gift to young graduates who want to embark on a career.
  • Whether it is a new shirt and tie, a blazer or a pair of shoes, new clothes in a graduate’s wardrobe can help increase his confidence and his chances of success.

If you know someone who is graduating and would like to offer them a gift other than money, the above 6 suggestions are great options that are both practical and personal.

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