5 Essential Components of Orange Curriculum and Why They Matter

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Orange creates biblical resources that link the home (parents and guardians) with the church (ministry leaders like you). This is what sets them apart from other kids’ ministry curriculum providers.

One of the primary impacts of the Orange curriculum is increased family engagement. By emphasizing the importance of partnering with parents, the curriculum encourages families to participate in their children’s spiritual growth actively. This engagement fosters stronger family bonds and a shared commitment to faith.

Age-Appropriate Content

The Orange curriculum focuses on creating age-appropriate content that helps kids see God for who He is, fuels their passion to follow Him, and connects them with a community of believers. This is achieved through weekly church curricula, event experiences, and digital ministry training.

The curriculum is available for preschoolers, elementary and middle schoolers. Each level includes a leader devotional, an app for parents, and a weekly plan to guide small groups. The app for parents is synchronized with each week’s lesson. It allows parents to continue the conversation at home, making it more meaningful than simply telling kids something in church and forgetting about it.

Orange believes that the social-emotional learning of children directly impacts their spiritual growth. This is why they strive to create a curriculum that encourages the church and home to work together. They also offer several resources to help churches train volunteers, including an online learning course and annual conferences. The organization is entirely nonprofit and is supported solely through product sales and donations.

Connecting Kids to God

If you’re not familiar with the Orange curriculum, the concept is that it takes a holistic approach to teach kids (and teenagers) God’s word. The program is designed with a pre-K through high school teaching strategy focusing on building foundations and connecting the church and family.

Orange combines light (church) and love (family) in their hybrid learning style, both online and offline. By combining both of these elements, they can connect kids to a strong community and encourage them to take their faith home.

Partnering with Parents

Orange understands that parents are the critical influence in kids’ lives and creates content to help them. This includes a website, podcasts, an app, and more. They also focus on helping churches celebrate essential milestones in kids’ lives, like baby dedication, going to school, baptisms, graduation, and more.

Churches that use Orange curriculum create a strategy to partner with parents. This involves focusing on leadership training, event planning, and communication. This helps leaders connect with parents and ensure they have the resources to take faith home.

Unfortunately, while Orange is a great resource, it appears infected with progressive Christianity and doesn’t uphold the Bible as God’s Word. The director of their children and preteen curriculum lists “progressive” as one of his spiritual practices on Twitter and regularly retweets well-known progressive Christians. It seems like they’re trying to be edgy and trendy, but this compromises the truth of the Bible.

Creating a Community

Creating a community is an essential component of the Orange curriculum. With customizable lesson plans, storytelling visuals, drama sketches, and music playlists, Orange is more than a curriculum – it’s a strategy to help kids connect with their peers, leaders, and parents. It’s a strategy to build relationships and help faith be taken home.

Their unique approach focuses on church and family, helping them work together to influence children’s lives. It’s why they use yellow and red in their name – to demonstrate that the combination of the light of the church and the heart of the home creates a more significant impact than either one alone.

Unlike other curriculum providers who deliver their content in a box, Orange content lives on the internet. It’s downloaded from a subscription website and can be streamed straight to screens at your church. 

The Orange approach creates a consistent spiritual environment for children. When the lessons and values taught at church are reinforced at home, it helps children experience a cohesive message and application of their faith, reducing confusion and enhancing understanding.

Children and youth experience deeper learning when they receive consistent messages from their church and family. Integrating spiritual teaching from multiple sources enhances their understanding and retention of biblical principles.

Taking Faith Home

The Orange curriculum aims to create a foundation for lifelong faith formation. Orange is a unique curriculum provider that creates biblical resources that unite the influence of church and home to impact kids significantly. 

This strategy encourages churches to provide parents with resources that help them communicate their faith at home. Orange also provides a parent app that synchronizes with weekly church curricula and encourages families to discuss the lessons at home.

Thousands of churches across the country and globe use the Orange strategy. They are of all different sizes, locations, and denominations, but they share one thing: they want to shape the next generation’s faith. They provide weekly church curricula, event experiences, and digital ministry training.

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