5 Best E-Learning Apps for Kids

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Kids love screen time, but if you want your child to do a little less Pokémon chasing and a little more learning, there’s good news. Many of today’s apps for kids are combining technology and education to make learning more engaging, interactive, and—dare we say—fun than ever before. Whatever skills or subjects your child is interested in, there are a wide variety of educational apps available. Ahead, https://www.acepokies.com/real-money-casinos/ have highlighted the best learning apps for kids loved by both parents and youngsters.

  1. Learn Math App: Game of Numbers

Learn Math App is a fun E-learning application for kids. This application is developed to help your kid learn basic mathematics easily. It is designed in the form of a Balloon game to make learning fun. Enjoyable graphics and multiple themes help keep them engaged. This app features unlimited levels of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division for unrestricted learning. Time-bound game decision making also aids in improving your kid’s motor skills and concentration. Different medals for progressive performance keep your kids competitive and interested in improvement.

  1. ABCD Drawing- Learning With Fun

ABCD Drawing is one of the best e-learning apps for kids that provides them a platform to learn new things while having fun at the same time. Each feature of this app is so eye catching that you end up using it more and more. ABCD Drawing app is designed for the kids under 5 years of age and helps them learn speaking and writing alphabet and numbers, along with this it has a feature of musical drawing.

  1. Quick Math Jr.:

This is also aimed at improving the basic math skills of the kids. It features 12 different games to keep the app engaging and fun to use. This app also proffers buildable graphics to keep the learning experience enjoyable. This app is only available for iOS. It also promotes interactive UI which requires the kids to write the answer on the screen. This app can be really fun to use for kids of 4-8 years of age.

  1. HOMER

From toddlers to second-graders, this educational app is a fit for every eager kid ready to learn something new, especially younger kids early in their development. HOMER is an early learning software designed to help children develop their critical thinking skills. It helps them build their confidence for the future by leading them on their customized educational journey, courtesy of best payout casino online.

  1. codeSPARK

Want your kids to be prepared for the world of tomorrow? Want them to improve their problem-solving skills? codeSpark is a popular coding app for kids that includes exciting games and challenges designed to teach children basic coding skills in a fun way that doesn’t even feel like learning. With an intuitive, word-free interface, kids can learn to code before they even know how to read — talk about getting a head start!

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