Games you can play in a children’s playground

There are many happy hours that can be spent in a Children’s playground. It’s a great way to bond with your kids and other younger relatives. If you’re stuck for something to do with little ones, a trip to the playground is a very good solution to what to do. However, don’t think that you can just get away with putting them on a swing for a few hours. Companies like have spent a long time creating Playgrounds Cheltenham and in other towns to provide a great way to get the kids, and you some, exercise.

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What can you play when you are in the playground? The first five minutes is all about acquainting yourself with the equipment. For example, is it safe and well maintained? Is the equipment clean and is access to dogs restricted (so there isn’t any poo for someone to tread in).

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Exciting games include “tag”. 2 people are “it” and they have to tap the other players. Anyone they tap is now also “it”. However the equipment is “safe” and you can’t be tagged when you are on some.

The other is “Pirates”. Here, someone is “The Captain” and they call out instructions to the “sailors”. Orders include, saying “Captain aboard” and everyone has to salute. “Swab the decks”, everyone has to pretend to mop the floor. The slowest person to do the action is out.

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