Speakers Corner located in Hyde Park London

Located near Marble Arch in the North-East corner of the magnificent Hyde Park in London, Speakers Corner is one of the oldest, free speaking platforms in the world. Traditionally a meeting place for rallies, marches and protests to gather, this unique space is available every Sunday from midday until well after dark, for anyone who is prepared to stand up and speak about any subject they are passionate about.

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To keep the large crowd interested in what they have to say and hold them captive and enthralled by a topic they want them to listen to, takes a certain kind person.  Preferably, they would have attended a Public speaking course London because then they would stand tall, speak confidently, use clear and precise language in a way that everyone understands and be able to clearly articulate their point of view.  Some of the more famous people who have frequented Speakers corner are, Vladimir Lenin, Karl Marx, George Orwell, and William Morris and they certainly would not have been heckled by the regular audience members who like to gather there.

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Having a true sense of who they were, a knowledge and passion about what they were talking about, strong body language and a clear, strong voice these men would all have been ideal teachers at the College of Public Speaking.  If you have never experienced the excitement of the enthralling speeches given at Speakers Corner, then go along and watch in awe as you listen to possibly, the next Lenin.

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