The exams are approaching the panic!

The exams
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The period of examinations arrived … It’s the panic I stress! In my head it’s total confusion … I have a lot of items to know and I’m comfortable on any of them. Yet I feel I kill myself to learn and revise …

Stress before exams, it’s not me!

I always had a touch and thoughtful temperament; finally, that was before the clerkship! Even PACES, I feel confident I was in my bubble. I was sure of my qualities, my motivation and my future income. Today, everything has changed! This is not me: it’s not like me … Why? I’ll try to think with you in this article, and I hope this will help me calm down …

The exams
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Today I panic stress!

As I talk about in the first part of this article, now full of questions pollute my brain: on the ECN, the way I work, my efficiency, other students, etc. I’m not at all effective! Everything is confused. I stress to the ECN so that it is only a few months I external! But that’s not the real problem actually … The problem is the college exams approaching!

They are in a few days and I feel nothing know, to have nothing withheld while I tried any given since the beginning of the year. For a few days of revision I have left, I tried to do me a big overloaded good planning …

Review all over in a few days!

In this program, I put all the items that I saw with the university since September. It’s really a lot! Within days of revision, it gives courses 8-10 days. At first I tried to kill myself to the task, but impossible to be effective. At best I can only read 4 or 5, but not remember anything.

Then when I review the course, there are tons of passes that I do not even remember having read if only once … It’s horrible! So, it is still panic … I stress not being able to finish my program and do not get to read everything-even once before exams … And now I re-questioning my method work: is this be effective? Given what I remember (anything), I doubt : I go lie down on my bed, disgusted. And I feel guilty of doing nothing …

Panic stop: stop stressing!

Go is good, I stop to panic, I lost enough time like this! A good hot shower, the quiet and I re-focused on these exams!

Select the course where I have weaknesses

I take my list of courses that I have not had time to review and I point those I do not know too much: I try to identify my shortcomings. There are many … But it’s normal, it’s D2: everyone is in this case! De-stresses … I try to reassure myself.

I will therefore radically changed working method: select a course where I have weaknesses, and revise calmly, even learn over several hours. It will always be more effective in the long term I think that to read it hastily.

At worst, the exams: it is not so important in truth; which in the medium term account, it is the ECN!

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