7 tips on how to improve concentration and memory while studying

how to improve concentration and memory while studying

How to improve concentration and memory while studying? Adopt these study habits to maximize your ability to concentrate and stand out as a student. Academic success is strongly related to the number of study hours that we dedicate to our evaluations. However, the lack of concentration can significantly affect our performance. Although all students have the ability to concentrate, for some it is easier than for others.

How to improve concentration and memory while studying

improve concentration

If you are one of those restless people who always find something better to do before studying and that once you achieve it, you cannot hold it for more than 15 minutes. We present you with 7 tips on how to improve concentration and memory while studying.

Set your workplace

improve concentration

It is known that our place of study should be away from the places where we usually recreate. Choose a sector of your house where those who live with you do not tend to frequent and eliminate all the elements that can serve to distract you. Such as the Internet, magazines, mobile devices, among others.

Select a schedule

improve concentration and memory

You know yourself better than anyone. Analyze what time of day gives you more study. It may be in the morning, in the afternoon or at night. Whatever it is, try to get your family or housemates to find out what is your choice so that they collaborate with maintaining a work climate.

Establish a schedule

improve concentration

Divide the number of topics you must study between the days you have to prepare the evaluation. Until you comply with the stipulated each day do not leave the study. As this is a way to organize your days and avoid stress at the last moment.

Establish breaks

how to improve concentration and memory while studying

To avoid disconnecting, it is advisable to establish a structured time schedule that combines rest and study. Try making a 10-minute cut every 40 or 45 minutes of study. This will help clear your mind and prevent you from becoming overwhelmed.

Organize your material

improve concentration

Before starting the daily study, check to have everything you need. Because leaving the room by a rule, a pencil sharpener or a dictionary can significantly disturb your concentration.

Try different techniques

Memorize the lessons, make schemes, summarize or study through interactive techniques. It can be your salvation. Find out which one is best for you and apply this technique immediately.

Incorporates instrumental music

improve concentration

If silence bothers you, try to include music in your study. Make sure that this element does not become a disturbing factor. Organize a playlist of instrumental music and accompany your academic journey with inspiring songs.

These are all about 7 tips on how to improve concentration and memory while studying. Also, they maintain that as long as one is trained. The acquisition of different techniques and work habits is possible. So that, we could all manage to maintain our concentration for long hours.

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