How to teach good manners to children


Parents all want a child who knows how to behave in public or at home, who is kind, well behaved and obedient, the dream child of any parent. However, in reality, it is not always easy to discipline the small ones that are why it is important to be coherent and to know how to explain the situations to them. Want to know more? On, we give you suggestions for how to teach good manners to children.

teachPatient and tolerance

It is important to have a lot of patience to educate your children and know how to explain to them what you expect of them in specific situations. Therefore, your requirements will not be without meaning they will be something they can understand and apply. Teaching good manners to children requires consistency and steadfastness to achieve your goal.

teachWhen you go shopping

Children tend to believe that everything is theirs and it is not uncommon to see them rolling on the floor to get the toy or the treat it desires: the child’s famous caprice.

Here are some recommendations for not falling into the vicious circle of the child-king:

The words “please” and “thank you” must be a part of their vocabulary, but it is important that they know that they will not always get what they want – Firm “choose only one thing”. The child must know that he can not have everything when he wants- If every time you go shopping he is demanding something, you must prepare him so that he knows he will not always be able to Have a gift and explain it as the situation works – Create a reward system in which to get something if it behaves the right way when you are shopping – Parents should also understand that certain situations, such as Spend 4 hours in a mall, can tire and bore their child and that he will complain and will be in a bad mood, so you must try to balance things for him and for you

teachAt the restaurant or on the road

If there is an episode that generates stress in the parents, it is the trip by car, train or plane with a child or a trip to the restaurant with friends and family. These opportunities are important to teach him good manners and how to behave in front of others: – Your child needs you to explain to him, that is why let him know what you expect of him, and tell him that in a Restaurant, or during the trip he will have to try to sit and not speak too loud not to disturb other people and people who want to be quiet – try to distract and entertain him so that this episode Do not become too heavy for him and also know that up to 3 years at least it is difficult for a little one to remain seated and quiet – In small spaces, it is good that he knows that he can not Move a lot or run to not disturb others, tell him he’ll have a moment to play later. If he is behaving well, congratulate him and let him know that you are proud of his conduct

teachHow to proceed

When it comes to educating children, what happens in their environment is very important. If at home you use the words “please, thank you and forgive”, and you treat each other well, it is very likely that this behavior is natural and that it imitates it – Increase Your requirements as your child grows and develops his or her abilities to understand the other. For example you will not be able to ask the same thing for a 1-year-old as for a 6-year-old – Do not forget to explain the why of things, stay calm and patient and change the embarrassment you may feel in Certain occasions in decision-making – The term “be good” is very broad and ambiguous, so you must explain what you are asking for and what you expect from your child in every situation


  • You will see that by gradually introducing the concepts and recalling them if necessary, good manners will be constantly reinforced
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