How to persevere in your studies


We will talk here about school perseverance and we will explain how to be a good student. If you have set a goal in life, constancy will be the only true key to reaching it. If you want to succeed in your studies, perseverance will always be your best asset.

studiesA truly motivating objective

The first thing you need to persevere is a good reason. Write down the objective you set yourself and want to achieve. If you have good reasons to reach it, you will be more motivated and you will keep your motivation over time. To find a motivating and inspiring goal.

studiesThis means that you have to do some introspection:

  • What would I like to do with my life?
  • What job inspires me?
  • What activity would I do easily and for free?
  • Where do I see myself in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years …?
  • In which sectors I would like to work: primary, secondary, tertiary?
  • In which industries? What kind of business?

Those are the questions that need to be considered. Be specific in the answers and you will know what studies to do, why you do them.

studiesAn environment conducive to learning

If the environment around you is negative, it is very difficult to persevere. Two essential points: first of all, you must be able to count on the support of your loved ones, someone who is always there to give you good advice, to take you back or encourage you in moments of doubt. It is, therefore, important to surround yourself with motivated and studious friends and to get away from others, especially for group work.

On the other hand, you will need an environment conducive to academic perseverance: a quiet room, whether your room or the municipal library. It is recommended to work alone to avoid distractions.

studiesThe reward of school retention

To persevere, you must remember the reward that awaits you. If you persist in your studies, you will have a solid training, you will have a diploma and the employers will be interested in your profile, your parents will be proud and above all, you will accomplish (provided you choose the studies that correspond to you, which we discussed at the beginning of this article).

If you write in a notebook all these benefits, in difficult times you will have a reason to continue and not give up. Find these rewards that motivate and write them down with your own words. A newspaper is a good tool to track your progress and feel like you’re on the right track.

Studying while having fun

To persevere and to amuse oneself is not incompatible. But to do this, you have to study studies that interest you a minimum: with age, one can also develop his curiosity and seek to know and understand.

Do not just learn what the teacher tells you: try to read the textbooks and do your own research. If you confuse study and leisure, you will always be motivated, you will never feel like studying and you will always be persistent.

If you are bored when you are alone, get closer to someone who will be willing to help and study with you. You can also try other places to break the routine. The new habits you incorporate into your routine will have to be fun. They must please you. Otherwise, you will find it hard to persevere.

In the process, we must listen and participate, two conditions to learn the lessons and avoid boredom. You get bored less by listening carefully to a course, even boring, than trying to kill time (drawing, chatting, chatting on WhatsApp etc.).

Experience: spend an hour class listening, participating, interested in the course and then spend an hour trying to distract you. You will realize this yourself. In the first hour of the experiment, you will learn things and you will solicit your brain, in the second you will move your leg, you will sigh, you will no doubt notice the professor, you will learn nothing …

False excuses

There are no excuses. During slack shots, many people tend to crack by justifying themselves with excuses that lead nowhere. One of the keys to academic persistence is to not seek excuses and focus on your goal. The lack of time, fatigue, and cold excuse nothing: a little labor does no harm to anyone and behind the effort always comes the comfort. On the other hand, the false excuse always leads to a feeling of guilt.

Last advice: do not study only to satisfy your parents and to have a diploma. Study to invent your life. It is better to stop studying and to reorient than to persevere in a path that is not his.

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