How to write a descriptive essay


Many descriptive essays are moving, funny or dramatic. A descriptive essay consists of writing a living narrative about a person, place, event or situation. The state of mind will depend on the details you want to integrate. The best descriptive essays often contain a mixture of elements, both humorous and dramatic, but it is likely that you want to focus on one rather than the other. So you must carefully choose the details, but do not be afraid to explore something that at first sight seems insignificant. Sometimes a small gesture, a look, or an event have a symbolic weight and make the essay more meaningful. We will give you some basics to know how to write a descriptive essay.

writeChoose a theme centered on a person, place or event. All invited to the description. Start with a significant anecdote, instead of a statement of intent or a thesis. In a descriptive essay, the thesis may remain implicit. An implicit thesis is not clearly affirmative, but everything in the essay drives the reader to see the idea or to understand the feeling you are aiming for.

Develop the body of the essay by integrating action, dialogues and images. You do not have to include everything; rather present the most important aspects. If they describe a person, use anecdotes, events, a physical description and perhaps a favorite appointment to make this person live. Mention his character defects, as well as his qualities. If you want to describe a place, include people and objects, as well as colors and odors. To describe an event, do not forget the physical details of its location, and mention people, objects, sounds, and odors. Be sure to describe precisely the action of an event.write

Follow the adage of ancient writing: to show, not to say. To do this, use several sensory impressions and describe the action with strong verbs. “It made me sad,” says the reader how feels a person. Compare with “The face ravaged like broken glass, it began to cry in the light of the sun”, which shows the reader something that resembles sadness.

Finish your essay with a final image and some comments implying reflection. Ideally, the final image works symbolically. The comments do not need to explain the essay, but they can. In any case, your final observations and description must evoke the importance of the essay, leaving the reader a lasting impression.


The details of a test on a person, place or event are perfectly connected. You will not need to limit your description, forgetting the unimportant details.

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