Why You Should Attend a Faith-Based University

If you’re looking for a way to continue your education while strengthening your faith and staying true to your beliefs, then it’s time to consider the benefits of attending a Christian-based university. While it’s true that private Christian universities might be a bit more expensive than a public college, you’ll likely gain much more than you ever expected when you choose this path.

Access to High-Quality Education

Private Christian universities like Abilene Christian University have an excellent reputation when it comes to the quality of professors and the rigors of coursework. If you or your children are used to the top notch quality of private education, then you’ll likely want to stick with the private option when it’s time to move on to advanced coursework. While public universities are often a good value, it’s likely that students accustomed to private school education will benefit the most from staying with this option.

Smaller Class Sizes

Public universities in populous states tend to have super-sized classes. If you’re used to smaller class sizes, it’s likely that you’ll feel completely overwhelmed by attending class in a lecture hall with upwards of 400 other students. To foster a good relationship with the professor and fellow students, consider attending a private, Christian university. For first-time college students, smaller classes in which you can get to know the professor can be extremely advantageous.

Earn Financial Assistance

While it’s usually true that private Christian universities come with a high price tag, it’s also more likely that you’ll be able to qualify for increased amounts of financial aid. Most Christian universities are committed to helping all students in need afford high-quality education, so don’t count out this option just because you think you might fall short on funding.

Choose From Plenty of Degree Options

Many prospective college students shy away from attending Christian universities due to the mistaken belief that there are a limited number of degree options available. Some private universities tend to be small and specialized with only a handful of degree plans, but many Christian universities take pride in offering a wide array of degree options. If you’d like to go into the business or HR sector, consider getting a Masters in conflict resolution. This degree plan meshes perfectly with Christian teachings and it’s also in high demand in offices all over the country.

Meet People Who Share Your Values

Unfortunately, public universities have a bit of a reputation for being party schools with numerous occurrences of student drinking and drug usage. If you’d like to avoid this type of crowd and meet friends who share your values, consider opting for a private Christian university. These types of universities tend to be smaller and attract students who have a deep commitment to following their Christian values.

Strengthen Your Faith

One of the best reasons to go to a Christian college is to get an even deeper understanding of the principles behind your faith. While attending church in your hometown might have been the basis for building your faith and values, Christian colleges offer in-depth classes on the history of religion. By the end of your time in college, you might find that you are more committed than ever before to your faith. Many students of Christian universities love the opportunity to learn more about Christianity and discuss class topics with peers.

How to Apply

If you’re interested in applying for a Christian university, it’s important to keep your grades up and serve your community. Christian schools are usually smaller and more competitive, so you’ll need an excellent application and references in order to be accepted. While grades and SAT scores are important factors in being accepted into your dream school, it’s also helpful to demonstrate your Christian faith by having a solid track record of community service.







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