How to Develop Interest in Reading Books? Make It Funny

how to develop interest in reading books

No matter how old you are. You are always on time to discover the benefits of reading. A book can improve your life. However, to experience this literary crush, first, you must make a change of habits. It is advisable to integrate new routines around the universe of books. How to develop interest in reading books? How can you feed your interest in reading?

How to develop interest in reading books?

Go to presentations and book signatures. This is one of the most important moments to get to know the author of a book and to know those details that, as an author, he wants to share with the public. It is in this event where you can feel more curious about that book.

But in addition, now you can also get opinions about a book thanks to the comments that other readers leave in specialized forums. This comment is a good review of the review. In addition, today, you can also follow the news of your favorite writers through social networks.

how to develop interest in reading books

Discover new libraries

Not only can you meet new bookstores in your city, but you can also encourage the habit of visiting a bookstore when traveling to a new city and promoting cultural tourism. Bookstores are places with soul. Letter spaces where you can breathe a climate of culture and dialogue. Some libraries are also an object of interest for their own aesthetics.

Second-hand bookstores

Encouraging savings in the purchase of books is a challenge thanks to the second-hand bookstores that make available to the client copies in good condition for a very economical price. This business idea is increasingly present in cities. In addition, you can also bring your copies to sell.

Give books at birthdays

You can make it a habit to give a book to your friends on their birthdays. Even if a friend invites you to dinner, you can also surprise him with a book as a gratitude for hosting the celebration. Keep in mind that when you give life, you are offering the company, imagination, creativity, rich vocabulary, and a unique story to the reader.

Read book daily

A book is an experience that is not exhausted in reading. Many books, those that you like the most, are those that become life partners thanks to later re-readings? You can have different interpretations of the same book, depending on the moment.

Cinema inspired movies

This is another simple way to foster a love for books. That is, enjoy movies that are a movie adaptation. In this way, you can observe a novel from a different perspective, thanks to its film adaptation.

Visit the library

Discover the pleasure of going to the library and have at your disposal an extensive catalog of books and movies that you can borrow. Check with the special interest in the news section. Also, the librarian is an expert who can advise you on your favorite readings.

Make reading more fun

Make reading more fun

Choose books according to interest: Children like to read about what they are interested in. If your child loves animals, look for books about animals. They will enjoy those books much more than others.

Use interactive books: Children learn best while they play. Find books with fun items to see, touch, and listen to. Some most interesting books include pages with textures, pieces that rise or turn, recorded sounds, etc.

Eliminate distractions: If you are with a small child, put it on your legs. If you are with a bigger child, sit next to him on the couch or the floor. Make sure he is focused on you on the book. At night, turn off the main lights and read with a directed light so that the child’s focus is on the story.

Continue reading with your finger: Children over 4 years old can show and recognize the sounds and associate them with the letters.

Look for books with rhymes: Especially for a child who is reading, this helps with memory and phonetics and identifying correlations between similar words. Find books that make them laugh. Find books with the humor fun to read and leave your children with a smile when they reach the final page. They will want to go back to the beginning and read them again!

Search for musical books: Whether books based on popular songs, books that are accompanied by music or animated videos based on books with the lyrics to follow.

Immerse yourself in the story: Stand up and act out the scenes, imitate the voices of the characters, use accessories to bring the stories to life. Thus reading becomes a game and is more fun.

Don’t worry if your child wants to read the same book 20 times in a row. The kids love repetition and learn to make the correlation between what is memorized.

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